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Alliance for Children on the Move: Standard Operating Procedures for Guardians



  • Implementation of common standards on guardianship systems in four EU countries, safeguarding the rights of unaccompanied and separated children & promoting their wellbeing in EU
  • Capacity-building of guardians so as to better safeguard the rights of the child & his/her best interests
  • Enhance interagency cooperation & understanding aiming at strengthening the role of the […]

Green Urban Lab: Urban Installation for Regeneration of cities


The project intends to raise awareness on the importance of public spaces in developing socially sustainable cities through bottom-up initiatives that endorse participatory democracy. The Green Urban Lab takes the form of a public installation of a flexibly designed structure that will be placed at various locations in the cities. The project acts as a […]

TORRE- Transnational Observatory for Refugees Resettlement in Europe


The project supports the creation of a transnational observatory for exchanging information and practice and for strengthening cooperation on resettlement among Member States, to the purpose of enhancing the knowledge of a durable solution in favour of refugees, improving the ongoing resettlement programs and promoting the implementation of these kind of programs in MS […]

Water Development Resources, Opportunity Policies for the Water Management in Semi-Arid Areas


Population growth, rapid urbanization and industrialization, the expansion of agriculture and tourism, as well as climate change are all factors which put water under increasing stress. The scarcity of this vital resource for human and social development has placed water at the top of the agenda of many Mediterranean countries. Most of the water […]