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Our Employee Value Proposition


We are one of the largest employers in Cyprus, comprising a diverse community of faculty and staff across our campus and regional study centres, while maintaining teams in numerous cities worldwide. We are focused on expanding our academic offering, building our research capabilities, and improving the overall student experience. As such, we encourage like-minded professionals to apply with us.

Do you see yourself working among people who challenge, empower, and inspire each other to pursue excellence? If so, join our diverse, international community of faculty and staff, who focus on the creation and advancement of knowledge and technology transfer.



Promoting personal and academic integrity; especially honesty,
trust, fairness, respect, openness, responsibility and accountability.

This includes avoiding conflicts of interest, as well as integrity in conducting research.

Knowledge Transfer and Academic Freedom

Cultivating, promoting, transmitting and exchanging knowledge, as well as safeguarding academic freedoms, such as the liberty to question, the free pursuit of knowledge and freedom of expression.

This includes the associated issues of autonomy and responsibility.

Respect for Laws and Regulations

Respect for the University’s regulations, as well as the laws of the Republic of Cyprus and the European Union.

Emphasis is placed on laws relating to data protection, confidential information, and prevention of fraudulent practice.

Democratic Governance

Promoting and ensuring democratic governance and management of the University.

Emphasis is placed on the effective and efficient operation of the University, ethical leadership, and the crucial role all University members play in the running of the institution.

Ethical Behaviour

Promoting high standards of integrity and ethical behaviour, exhibiting professionalism and diligence, and the avoidance of unethical or questionable practices.

This includes considerations which arise when making or appealing against decisions, as well as general courtesy and professional ethics.

Civic & Social Responsibility

Promoting civic and social responsibility and responsiveness to the needs of society at large, the country and the region.

This covers our commitment to the students and the society we serve, of taking a responsible role within civic society and of being responsive to the wider needs of society and the economy.


Promoting tolerance, diversity and multicultural awareness through the curriculum, through constant debate, and through respect for cultural diversity and for the opinions of others.


Efficient and sustainable use of infrastructural, human and financial resources, so that the University remains financially viable and environmentally friendly.

This includes effective management, avoidance of waste, and emphasis on health and safety.

Employee Benefits

Our Employees are at the centre of everything we plan and do. Our philosophy focuses on empowerment, trust, collaboration and flexibility. We care deeply about supporting the growth of all our employees, making sure they feel professionally fulfilled. We want them to remain healthy, maintain a work–life balance, be flexible on the job, get time to give back, and benefit from the individualised support they need.



13th Salary: Full-Time employees are paid a 13th Salary proportional to the number of complete months they have been employed at the University.

COLA (Cost-Of-Living Adjustment): On top of the basic wage, the Cost-Of-Living-Allowance (C.O.L.A.) is provided once a year, based on the official figures announced by the government of Cyprus.

Provident Fund: The Provident Fund is a loyalty scheme offered within the organisation to all employees who have completed 2 years of employment. Both the employer and employees contribute to this Fund on a monthly basis.


Full-Time Administrative employees are entitled to a minimum of 20 working days of Annual Leave. After completing 7 years of employment, they will earn 1 extra day of leave for every completed year, with a maximum of 24 days in total. Faculty members are entitled to 36 days of Annual Leave.

Sick Leave: Full-Time employees are entitled to annual Sick Leave of 12 working days.

Sabbatical (for faculty): The University endorses Sabbatical Leave as an important element of research development and support to its faculty members

Health Scheme

We care about our employees’ health and continuing wellbeing as they are part of the UNIC family. In line with this, we have developed our own Group Health Scheme, which is open to all our employees. Additionally, the University contributes to the Cyprus General Healthcare System (GHS).

Education for Staff & Family Members

Tuition Assistance is provided to all our Full-Time employees who enroll at the University in either an undergraduate or postgraduate programme of study, as well as in professional and other courses. Likewise, significant tuition assistance is offered to spouses and dependent children of Full-Time employees who enroll at the University in any of our programmes, and professional and other courses.

Moreover, we provide constant development through customized conventional and e-Learning trainings, factoring in individualised employee development/career paths.

Subsidized Gym Membership

The University’s state-of-the-art UFIT Fitness Centre is a leading gym in Cyprus, offering excellent services under the professional guidance of health and sports science specialists. The UNIC community benefits from special rates.

This discounted membership fee is interlinked with the University’s declared aim to promote wellbeing, providing staff and faculty the opportunity to keep fit and healthy through brand new, state-of-the-art equipment, innovative classes and experienced instructors.


Subsidized Training: We invest in our employees’ career development through subsidized internal and external trainings.

Erasmus Mobility: Through the Erasmus+ Programme, all Full-Time employees have the unique opportunity to teach or to be trained abroad, and are welcome to submit their applications both for European and International exchange mobilities.

Research Incentives

Research Recognition Awards: These aim to encourage and recognize the efforts and success of Full-Time and Part-Time faculty, in publishing in peer-reviewed scholarly journals with significant impact, which is consistent with the University’s strategy for excellence in international research reputation and rankings.

Research Time Release (RTR): Faculty members are expected and encouraged to undertake research as part of their duties. To facilitate their ongoing engagement in major research activities/projects, Full-Time faculty may apply for RTR from their teaching workload.

Sabbatical Leave: The University endorses Sabbatical Leave as an important element of research development and support to its faculty members.


Vibrant Campus

The University’s modern campus is made up of 20 purpose-built and customised buildings situated in the bustling suburb of Engomi in Nicosia. Over the past few years, we have invested over €100 million in our campus infrastructure, further developing UNIC CITY, one of the most dynamic and attractive residential urban campuses in the Mediterranean.

There is no shortage of restaurants and cafeterias across campus and in the surrounding urban area, which is home to more than 70 restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and bars, all within walking distance. There is also a multitude of entertaining social activities, events and nightlife both on- and off-campus. Other amenities like the Mall of Engomi, supermarkets, popular retail outlets and boutiques, and a variety of stores are conveniently located nearby.

University of Nicosia Medical Centre (UNMC)

The University Medical Centre operates under the Cyprus General Healthcare System (GHS) and serves the primary health care needs of the University of Nicosia community and the population at large. The Centre is involved in research work covering the fields of family medicine and public health, while also serving as a training ground for the University of Nicosia medical students.

Restaurants and Cafeterias

The University offers a choice of cafeterias and restaurants located across campus, where students and colleagues alike can enjoy a meal, grab a quick coffee, or just wind down and relax. These spaces, usually packed with students and faculty coming together between or after classes, offer a healthy and affordable selection of food items and beverages, as well as recreational facilities.

The exclusive UNIC Clubhouse is a stylish rooftop restaurant, lounge and pool bar located on the 12th floor of SIX, one of the newly constructed UNIC Residences. It offers an excellent venue for residents, staff, faculty, alumni and their guests, to meet and unwind in one of the most appealing settings in Cyprus.

Campus Services

The UNIC Library & Information Centre provides quality resources that support the educational and research goals of the UNIC community. The Centre is a well-resourced academic space, with an impressive collection of print books (100,000+) in relevant disciplines and thousands of electronic resources (500,000+ e-books; 30,000+ e-journals) from various publishers.

The on-campus University Store offers a great selection of modern UNIC and Eagles clothing, sportswear, gifts and accessories that are popular among students, colleagues and visitors. This assortment of official merchandise is the perfect way to show off UNIC pride!

Uniplex Bookstore provides a range of services, while stocked with related textbooks and supplementary material. It also houses books of general interest, as well as titles published by University of Nicosia Press.


Work-Life Balance

Flexible working hours: The University offers alternative arrangements for working schedules, to enable a more meaningful work-life balance, factoring in an employee’s circumstances.

Maternity/Paternity Leave: Maternity Leave is provided for 18 consecutive weeks, for each newborn child. Paternity Leave is also provided for 2 consecutive weeks and, though counted as unpaid leave, is covered by the social insurance fund.

Emergency Leave for family matters: There is flexibility and support when an employee needs to take time away from work in order to deal with a serious family matter or health issue.

Events & Activities

The UNIC experience is filled with many events and activities that students, staff, faculty and the general public can attend, and which cater to the diversity of tastes that come with an international community. This includes a range of free on-campus seminars, lectures, talks, conferences, symposia, as well as numerous activities aimed at supporting causes close to our heart.

Moreover, the University is home to Cine Studio, which hosts a variety of international film festivals and independent film screenings throughout the year, in collaboration with the Friends of Cinema Association.

There are also numerous social gatherings specific to our staff and faculty, including our annual Christmas party.

Counselling Services

The Centre for Therapy, Training, and Research (KESY) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation affiliated with the University that runs an on-campus office offering a range of counseling services to the university community. All services are confidential and are provided by clinical/counseling/school psychologists-in-training, whose work is closely supervised by licensed professionals. Individual sessions with a psychologist-in-training are provided free of charge.

KESY’s goal is to provide clients with a safe, caring, and professional environment, in which they can access mental health services; train and educate students, parents, professionals, and the public at large via workshops, seminars, lectures and supervision; and carry out a variety of research projects related to the Centre’s domain of practice.


The University is a dynamic partner to local businesses of all types. The entire neighborhood is oriented toward university life, allowing for a unique social experience, characterised by community interaction. A strong part of this are the interactive partnerships we have cultivated with neighboring businesses, which translate into substantial discounts and special offers on numerous products and services for our employees.


An Exciting Place to Live and Work

Cyprus is an EU member state situated in the north-eastern corner of the Mediterranean, at the meeting point of Europe, Asia and Africa. Since the dawn of history, Cyprus has been one of the most interesting areas in the region, with a rich and visible cultural history dating back 12,000 years.

The island combines European culture and a Californian landscape, with a modern legal and tax environment, a highly educated workforce, and excellent quality of life – making Cyprus one of the top relocation destinations worldwide (Knight Frank Global Lifestyle Review).

#1 Ranked EU City of its Size

The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, is a vibrant city, where the ancient past and contemporary present blend seamlessly. This popular destination for over 30,000 university students has something of interest for everyone, with a mix of events, sights, shopping, sports, arts and culture, catering to a multitude of tastes.

Its unique diversity and multiculturalism make it a welcoming home away from home, ranking 1st among European cities of similar size for Human Capital (Education) and Lifestyle, ahead of Oxford, Basel, Reykjavik, and Geneva (Financial Times, 2020/2021).

The Safe Option

Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world according to the World Health Organisation (Safest Country in the World for Ages 15-24)

Cypriot people are well educated and famous for the warm and friendly welcome they extend to visitors.

Perfect Weather

Cyprus boasts the second best climate in the world (Expat Insider, 2017) and is endowed with golden beaches, virgin green forests and other natural wonders.

This makes it a popular destination among tourists, with over 3 million of them flocking to the island annually, as well as an ideal new home for many of our relocating faculty and staff.

A Financial and Business Hub

Much like Singapore and Hong Kong, Cyprus is an important financial and business centre, with over 70% of the economy focused on services. Key industries include financial and professional services, banking, investment management, shipping, tourism and real estate. Cyprus hosts the financial infrastructure for thousands of multinational companies due to its stable and modern legal and tax environment, highly educated workforce, and excellent quality of life. On the tourism side, Cyprus has over 1,000 hotels and resorts and one of the most developed tourism infrastructures per-capita in the world. Cyprus is also a global maritime hub, operating as the 2nd largest ship management centre in the world, and boasting the 3rd largest merchant fleet in the EU.


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