George Karayiannis Receives PhD from UNIC

Dr George Karayiannis successfully completed his PhD at the University of Nicosia. His thesis was on “The exploration of empathy attitudes of nursing students and students of other healthcare sciences in the Republic of Cyprus”, which demonstrates his continuing interest in the development of education and the improvement of patient care.

He also holds a Master’s degree in Nursing and Education from the University of Edinburgh with a scholarship from the Government of Cyprus, and a BSc in Nursing Education, Management of Healthcare Services and Marketing from Anglia University.

Dr Karayiannis has many years of experience in nursing education, especially in the field of mental health given his background as an Education officer at the School of Nursing and Midwifery of the Ministry of Health in Cyprus. He is also known as a pioneer in the upgrading of Nursing programmes, both in the theoretical as well as in the practical aspects of nursing care plans, specifically focusing on people with psychiatric problems.

Dr Karayiannis was in charge for many years of the postgraduate programmes of Nursing Administration and Community of Mental Health at the School of Nursing and Midwifery, with many of his students now holding important positions in the Health Sector.

In 2011, he was awarded by the Cyprus Nurses and Midwives Association for his overall contribution in the promotion of health for the people of Cyprus.

Commenting on this development, Professor Zoe Roupa highlighted that Dr Karayiannis is one of our first to complete his Doctoral Degree in the Nursing Programme at the University of Nicosia! She also noted that he is an adjunct lecturer in the Master Degree of Mental Health. “He has offered a great deal to our department and I would like to congratulate him on behalf of all the professors and teaching personnel of the Nursing Programme”, concluded Prof. Roupa.