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The Department of Architecture [ARC], cordially invites you to the Studio Presentations for Exams for Fall 2018 Semester


ARCH-101 Introduction to Architectural Design for 1st-year students08/01/201909:00-16:00
ARCH-201 Architectural Design II for 2nd-year students09/01/201909:00-14:00
ARCH-301 Architectural Design IV-Urban Design for 3rd-year students11/01/201909:00-16:00
ARCH-401 Architectural Design VI for 4th-year students14-15/01/201909:00-18:00
ARCH-501 Introduction to Final Project for 5th-year students17-18/01/201909:00-14:00


INT-101 Introduction to Interior Design for 1st-year students14/01/201909:00-15:00
INT-201 Interior II for 2nd-year students14/01/201909:00-15:00
INT-301 Interior IV for 3rd-year students 16/01/201909:00-15:00
INT-401 Interior VI for 4th-year students16/01/201909:00-15:00
INT-441 Final Year Project for 4th-year students21/01/201915:00-16:00