Student Handbook

Purpose of the Student Handbook

The purpose of the Student Handbook is to provide a resource manual for all University of Nicosia students. It is designed to address the questions most often asked. The Handbook includes information related with Career and Academic Matters, Student Life, Financial, and Health and Safety issues.

While it may touch on topics that are also covered in the University of Nicosia Charter, it is not meant to be a substitute. Students need to familiarise themselves with the University Charter, Rules and Regulations and other resources. View the University of Nicosia Charter and the Rules and Regulations at


The information in this publication relates to the 2020/21 academic year. Descriptions of services and facilities in this publication do not constitute a contract or an offer of a contract. Changes to or withdrawal of services or facilities listed, whether provided by the University of Nicosia or other parties, may occur without notice. All rights reserved.