Recognizing the importance of Environmental Sustainability, the University of Nicosia is the first university in Cyprus that has signed, along with other universities, the Talloires Declaration. This historic document was composed in 1990 at an international conference on “The Role of Universities in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development,” held in Talloires, France at the Tufts University European Center. It is the first official statement made by university administrators of a commitment to sustainability in higher education. It includes a concise introduction identifying the urgent need for leadership from higher education and a ten-point action plan for incorporating environmental literacy and sustainability into university teaching and practice. The twenty-two university presidents and chancellors participating in the conference signed the Talloires Declaration at the conclusion of the event and pledged to encourage their colleagues at other institutions to do the same.

Environmental Policy

The University of Nicosia educates over 14,000 students and employs over 1166 members of staff across its campus.

Energy Conservation Programme

Europa Building – Library – Architecture Building – Medical Building (Block A & B)

Recycling Programme

Paper & Cartons – PMD – Glass – Batteries – Toner – Electrical Appliances/Equipment – Collection of Medical Waste

Transportation Initiative

The strategy sends a strong signal to the market, encouraging private investment in new pipelines, electricity networks, and low-carbon technology.

Water Conservation

Cyprus suffers from the highest water stress level in Europe, particularly in years of excessive drought.