The City of Nicosia

The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, is a vibrant city, where the ancient past and contemporary present blend seamlessly. This popular destination for over 20,000 students has something of interest for everyone, with a mix of events, sights, shopping, sports, arts and culture, catering to a multitude of tastes. Its unique diversity and multiculturalism make it a welcoming home away from home for all students looking to immerse themselves into the city.

Old Nicosia

The medieval walled city of Nicosia is thousands of years old and comes with a past that is as much a story about Cypriots as it is about the many cultures that have left their mark here. The Venetian Walls surrounding the city encompass a variety of historical landmarks, buildings, churches, mosques, museums and art galleries, which retell the history of the region in a visually compelling way.

New Nicosia

Moving beyond the ancient walls of the Old City, you will find yourself in the transformative modern Nicosia of today, a strategic financial centre and leading business hub that holds its own amongst other major modern European cities.

Nicosia was recently ranked First by the Financial Times among Europe’s cities of similar size for Human Capital (Education) and Lifestyle, outranking Cambridge, Geneva and Oxford.

Nicosia is the national capital and the hub for education, finance, banking, and government.

The city is buzzing with innovative research and technology initiatives and the startup ecosystem is also incredibly active, with frequent entrepreneurial events held throughout the city.

Nicosia is a popular location for an array of theatre, art, music, and cinematographic events and festivals, with many local and international artists performing at venues across the city.