UNIC CITY: A Vibrant Urban Campus

UNIC’s modern campus is made up of 20 purpose‑built and customised buildings situated amid the urban landscape in the bustling suburb of Engomi in Nicosia.

Over the last few years, we have invested over €100 million in our campus infrastructure. The expansive layout of our campus allows us to provide specialised facilities to support each academic department.

The whole neighbourhood is oriented towards student life, allowing for a unique social experience, characterised by community interaction, diversity, learning and fun. In addition to the teaching facilities, the campus provides a full set of student amenities and support services. You can walk to almost any building on campus within 15 minutes, while there is a large free car park for off-campus students in the centre of campus.

At UNIC, we are committed to providing a learning environment that best serves our global student community and faculty. This is why we continue to invest in our campus, buildings, facilities and technology to enhance the overall learning experience, thereby ensuring student satisfaction.

Our use of the latest technology in curriculum delivery to inspire and support learning, combined with our drive for pedagogical advancement, makes UNIC an innovative place to study. Ongoing investment in our modern campus and teaching infrastructure offers you an inspiring and contemporary student-centred learning environment, with access to some of the top resources in higher education.

UNIC is home to a large number of amphitheatres and classrooms located across campus, many of which are also used as breakout spaces for local and international conferences, seminars, workshops and events.
Our newly renovated Library and Information Centre aims to provide quality resources that support the educational and research goals of the University community. The Centre is a well-resourced academic space, with an impressive collection of print books and thousands of electronic resources.
We have made every effort to provide both quiet and social study areas throughout our campus, tailored to student needs and desires, so as to encourage dynamic learning. Whether you prefer studying silently or in a group, we provide student spaces to meet all your needs.
There is no shortage of restaurants and cafeterias situated across our campus and in the surrounding urban area. Engomi is a vibrant neighbourhood in Nicosia, in which
the University is located. It is home to more than 70 restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and bars, all within walking distance, where you can enjoy a meal, grab a quick coffee, take in some live music or sports events, or just wind down and relax with some friends. Popular chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Bennigan’s, and
coffee shop favourites like Starbucks, Caffè Nero and many more are in close vicinity to our campus and usually packed with students coming together between classes.

You won’t be lacking for choice with the multitude of entertaining social activities, events and nightlife that exists on and off campus and which cater to all tastes and student budgets.

A mix of nightclubs, parties, cinemas (including our on-campus Cine Studio movie theatre), excursions and other adventures are a great way to meet people, find new hobbies or even get involved in social societies and initiatives, gaining some valuable skills and experience along the way.

Other amenities like the Mall of Engomi, supermarkets, popular retail outlets and boutiques, and a variety of stores are conveniently located nearby. Getting from place to place in Engomi is very easy, with almost everything within just a few minutes’ walk. There is also a regular bus service, with a stop on the doorstep of our main campus and other stops just outside the other campus buildings, that allows you to travel anywhere in central Nicosia within 10 to 20 minutes.