Orientation Programmes

Orientation programmes are crucial for a successful transition to student life at UNIC. New students are strongly encouraged to attend orientation sessions, where they can meet UNIC faculty and Student Services staff and fellow students.

Orientation Activities, held at the beginning of each semester, acquaint students with the university environment, available services, and resources. These activities also provide opportunities for exercise, socialisation, and forming new friendships. Our aim during orientation is to help new students feel connected to the UNIC community, confident in their choice of UNIC for their studies, and excited about the upcoming academic year.

UNIC September is the University of Nicosia’s primary and longest orientation programme, held in September. It is designed to welcome new students. UNIC September consists of two parts: A) Intensive online English language courses and B) Orientation Activities.

Upon arrival at UNIC, you will be welcomed by a dedicated group of Student Leaders, all of whom are UNIC students. They are eager to showcase the opportunities UNIC offers and address any questions you may have about student life.

UNIC September offers a diverse range of activities, including day trips, music nights, campus and city tours, and sports events, making it a truly enriching experience. In just a short time, you will familiarise yourself with campus, connect with fellow new students, and meet key individuals who will help make your time at UNIC unforgettable.