Technology Enhanced Learning Centre (TELC)

TELC has a vision to transform digital education at UNIC.

The aim of the transformation is:

  1. To improve the digital literacies of students and staff
  2. To enhance the learning and teaching environment in a way that is underpinned by sound learning design principles, reflection and innovation

TELC aims to support the dissemination of best practice by encouraging the show-casing of faculty innovative use of technology enhanced learning.

Key associated themes include creating:

  • More captivating classrooms
  • Meaningful Learning Analytics
  • Improved learner flexibility and openness
  • Engaging and effective digital education
  • Sustainable teacher-driven good practice where teachers are confident to design, reflect, experiment and share best practice

Key Technologies

Rapid e-learning authoring software, antiplagiarism software, learning management systems, e-portfolios, Web2.0 educational software, cutting-edge tech solutions, Microsoft’s Office 365, video conferencing, lecture capture, learner tool interoperability (LTI).


Dr Chris Alexander (Head)

Vladislav Kolev


Technology Enhanced Learning Centre
Flat 109A
Block D

28th October
Engomi Business Center
Nicosia, Cyprus