Building Evacuation Procedure

If for any reason, evacuation of buildings must be carried out, the situation will be assessed by the Environment, Health & Safety Officer and/or the Head of Facilities, who will initiate action in accordance with Standing Instructions.

If it is decided to evacuate a building, instructions will be given to:

  1. operate Fire Alarm,
  2. evacuate the building,
  3. gather at the assembly points,
  4. security staff to attend at scene,
  5. Police will be notified.

Detailed instructions are posted throughout the buildings on the use and significance of alarm bells. Students must familiarise themselves with these instructions and the procedure for evacuation of the building.

Fire-alarm bells are tested briefly at intervals arranged by the Facilities Department and during the fire drills throughout the year.

Emergency practices will take place periodically.

Important Note: At all times the sounding of bells for over 90 seconds requires immediate evacuation of the building.

On hearing the alarm bell, evacuate the building as quickly as possible and assemble at the points marked. The emergency exits are clearly marked and are situated at the ground level of the front side of the building, and the –1 level for the rear of the building.

Always Remember the Following Steps:

  1. Walk calmly to the nearest exit.
  1. Do not collect your personal belongings or coats.
  1. Do not use the lifts

Disabled persons unable to use the stairs should wait in a stair well for assistance.

  1. Assemble after evacuation

The assembly areas are clearly marked and are situated at the ground level, two in the front, (between the Main Building and the Makedonitissis Street), and two at the rear, at the parking areas of the premises.

Important Note: When evacuation takes place, staff and students will go to their specified normal assembly point. Some of these assembly points may be near to the building under threat or near to large areas of glass. Heads of the Departments responsible for staff and student’s emergency assembly points have the authority to move staff and students to some other place on campus further from the building under threat. In case of an evacuation, please report to the nearest assembly point and instructions will be given to you.