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The School of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a wide range of on-campus and distance learning programmes of study at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels. Its departments and programmes encompass a range of disciplines, from art and design to psychology, from literature to communication studies, and from architecture to comparative theology.

The diverse community of faculty members and students produces work that is aimed at resolving important social and humanitarian issues, utilizing new technological developments, such as virtual reality, and addressing the many puzzles in human psychology.

The School’s programmes focus on critical thinking as a tool for interpreting the world and the human experience, engaging in a multiplicity of creative activities, scrutinizing languages and cultures, and variously contributing to society.

Courses are taught by international faculty with excellent research output, teaching experience, and professional qualifications; in dedicated facilities, state-of-the-art studios and laboratories, employing a range of professional grade equipment and cutting-edge technology. The School’s global connections with other leading universities and professional organisations offer opportunities for international research collaborations, student training, and the development of joint/dual degree programmes.

University of Nicosia: One of the leading universities in the area of Social Sciences

Why Study at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences UNIC

  • Innovative curricula across the humanities and social sciences disciplines

  • Pioneering faculty research in virtual reality, graphic and digital design, and art

  • International faculty are highly involved in industry, practice, research, and policymaking

  • State-of-the-art digital fabrication facilities, cutting-edge computing and model making labs, as well as fully-equipped digital media production labs

  • International and local field trips, academic collaborations, industry partnerships, design and fabrication workshops, exchange activities

  • Training and work placement opportunities abroad, through Erasmus+ and other networks

  • Mediazone, the audiovisual hub of UNIC, provides opportunities for hands-on practical experience, working alongside media industry professionals

  • High-quality postgraduate interdisciplinary training in the areas of Social Sciences, Languages, and Theology

What our Students say

I graduated from the University of Nicosia in 2010 with a BA in English Language and Literature and have only fond memories of my time there. The academic staff was always supportive, energetic and very hands-on.  The student community is diverse and vibrant and there is always something extracurricular going on. During my final year dissertation the support of the staff and especially my personal tutor who allowed me to explore my somewhat unconventional research interests – the literary relations between Shakespearean texts and graphic novels – was invaluable. I now work as an English Language teacher at a private afternoon school and am pursuing an MA in English Literature at the University of Cyprus. My experiences at UNIC gave me the skills and the confidence to stand in front of a classroom full of pupils and impart knowledge, as well as to continue with my own graduate studies.

Georgia Theoklitou

After graduating from the BA in English Language and Literature in the summer of 2010, I began working as a freelance translator for the Cyprus Public Information Office (PIO). The course at the University of Nicosia was challenging in all the best ways and offered a rich and diverse curriculum. What impressed me the most was the wide variety of academic opportunities available to me as an undergraduate. During my second year I was employed by the Student Affairs Office as Writing Lab Tutor, which gave me valuable experience in dealing with students and looking beyond my own studies. Furthermore, during my final year I was able to collaborate with one of my lecturers on his research which was later published. Not only was this an important learning experience,it also allowed me to graduate from the course not only with a degree, but with work experience and a publication under my belt.

Marios Constantinou

Thanks to the University of Nicosia and ARC, I have gained the knowledge, tools and experiences that have helped me to pursue and develop an international career in my field, always consistent with my character and understanding.

Stavros Voskaris, Architect - Office of Metropolitan Architecture, New York, USA, Architecture, Class of 2013

UNIC was the first place where I got interested in sustainability and resilience to extreme weather events, a subject which turned into my career choice later on. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Sustainability and working in the research network that investigates resilience to weather extremes in the US.

Yuliya Dzyuban, Architecture, Class of 2012

The ARC not only prepared me for my future career, but most importantly provided me through its active and dynamic environment with a curiosity and willingness to ever explore and learn.

Afra Omidi, Architecture, Class of 2012

The ARC not only prepared me for my future career, but most importantly provided me through its active and dynamic environment with a curiosity and willingness to ever explore and learn.

Afra Omidi, Architecture, Class of 2012

UNIC’s Social Work program gave me the opportunity to work in the field and gain the appropriate experiences that served me well for my future, through attending classes and internships. At every stage of my student life, my teachers provided me with all the necessary tools… Become a social worker yourself.

Michalis Polykarpou, Social Work - Class of 2018

Having been an EFL teacher for almost 10 years, I came to realize that continuing professional development is of key importance in our profession. Teaching a language is not a solid process; a teacher needs to realize it and keep up with the changes teaching a language involves. During my career I have earned other relevant diplomas, too but I always knew I wanted to continue research in TESOL, so the choice for the MA in TESOL at the University of Nicosia was an easy one. The courses of the MA TESOL coffered me the possibility to gain more depth in my field of interest and more importantly reflect on my current teaching practices. Moreover, with the constant support and expertise of the professors I developed on skills that I felt less confident about. Above all, it is important to mention that the Masters in TESOL has made my CV more competitive and opened a lot of career opportunities for me in the teaching profession. I now feel a lot more confident about my profession and myself as an EFL teacher, something which is reflected on my teaching.

Anna Karapanou

While studying at a UK university, I landed the amazing opportunity to go on a 1-year Erasmus exchange to UNIC. Two semesters in Cyprus made me want to drop everything in London and move here. And that’s exactly what I did! I’m now in my 4th year, and last semester as a Psychology student, and I couldn’t be happier!
This has been an indescribable learning opportunity. I’m currently applying for a summer job at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which is an endeavour I believe UNIC gave me the confidence to undertake!

Fatema Islam, Social Work - Class of 2015

Four years of undergraduate studies in Psychology have taught me what it means to acquire knowledge, how to acquire the correct knowledge, but, most importantly, how to critically evaluate such knowledge. They taught me how to think and not just what to think. I grew as a person, as well as a professional. That’s why I chose to continue my studies here – I’m currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Psychology.

Constantinos Agathocleous, Psychology, Class of 2014 | Counseling Psychology, Class of 2018

Studying Applied Multimedia at the University of Nicosia was an amazing experience. The projects given were challenging and helped me to develop different approaches for problem solving and analysis, whilst developing my own style. The courses give you a complete idea of the multimedia field, covering a lot of theory but also allow you to practice on different subjects and software. The Department of Design and Multimedia has a number of very talented and committed
tutors whom I had the opportunity to meet; they were always there for the students willing to help but also to motivate and support.

George Voudias, Department of Design and Multimedia

The University of Nicosia and in particular the Department of Design and Multimedia has offered me the best possible education in the field of Graphic Communication. Lecturers and staff make an effort to provide students with the most appropriate tools that will help them achieve their future goals.The Department of Design and Multimedia has helped me to display my work in exhibitions and participate in important competitions and events. The Graphic Communication programme has offered me the opportunity to gain knowledge, broaden my perspective, and provided me with the skills and confidence to pursue postgraduate studies.

Andrea Chloe Zittis, Department of Design and Multimedia

The expert faculty members of the DDM are very dedicated to helping their students, and the availability of the finest resources in the library and in the classrooms will surprise even the most curious and demanding minds. A unique learning environment has been created. The two international conferences, as well as numerous extracurricular design talks and workshops have greatly contributed to my development by expanding my knowledge of new disciplines — which I’d like to pursue after I graduate. Choosing to study graphic design at the University of Nicosia was one of the smartest and most rewarding decisions that I made.

Sevag Barkhudaryan, Department of Design and Multimedia

“Completing an MA degree with the communications department of the University of Nicosia was one of the most thrilling educational experiences I’ve ever had. Through engaging and interactive learning methods, the faculty were passionate about introducing the students to the world of social science. I am forever in gratitude for the knowledge that was passed to me by my professors, whom I consider my mentors.”

Adonis Michael, Account PR Manager at Action Global Communications, Cyprus

I remember the struggles, stress and the challenges I faced during my studies and my experience of traveling and living alone, it is all worth it now. It has prepared me for my dream job in the field of digital Public Relations and branding. The program and UNIC supported me all the way from the start to achieving my career goals. I hope more people will realize the career-importance of having an MA in Digital Media and Communication.

Manar Wehbe, Manager at Influencers Relations, Lebanon

A place where ambition came to life and hopes and dreams took centre stage. Great, modern and adequate facilities rendered the learning experience a quality high class standard. The fusion of nationalities and cultures made the University of Nicosia a second home and a place where humanity was embraced.

Pam Dube, Social Media Strategist at Business Connection Aberdeen, UK


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School Events

ASeFoLA brings together researchers from around the world who are working to better understand the second/foreign language acquisition process.

Book Launch I Bob Marley and Media

23 March @ 18:00 - 20:00 EET

The book presents an analysis of how media, radio, television and print represented Bob Marley, including his popularity after his death. Mike Hajimichael examines unexplored connections between Bob Marley and media representation and the specifics of audiences, including coverage in tabloids, music magazines, and fanzines, as well as radio and television interviews.

On the occasion of World Social Work Day, the Social Work Programme of the University of Nicosia cordially invites you to the online session: "The Importance of Inclusivity using a Cultural Grounded Approach”.

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