Social Events and Activities

The student experience at UNIC is rich with social events and activities.

We host a diverse range of exciting events throughout the year, welcoming both students and alumni. These events cater to the varied interests of our global student body.

No matter your hobbies or interests, there are numerous student clubs available for you to join. These clubs organise various social activities, parties, day trips, nights out, and other gatherings.

Our multicultural environment fosters the creation of ethnic clubs, where students from different backgrounds come together to share their culture, traditions, history, music, and food, promoting unity and understanding within our community.

Additionally, you can connect with others and enjoy your time at UNIC by attending the many events organised by our events team. You can stay updated on campus and off-campus events through the UNIC Student Portal, which features music nights, exhibitions, cinematic screenings, webinars/workshops, guest speaker talks, and more. Many of these events are open to the public, and students actively participate in their planning and execution.

For more information:
Department of Student Affairs
Tel.: 22842150
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: UNIC – Student Affairs
Instagram: student.affairs_unic