Social Events and Activities

The student experience at UNIC is filled with many social events and activities. We hold a variety of exciting events throughout the year that both students and the general public can attend and which cater to the diversity of tastes that come with a global student body.

Whatever your hobby or interests, there are a number of student clubs and societies that you can get involved in, which stage a number of social activities, parties, day trips, nights-out and other gatherings.

The multicultural environment at UNIC supports many ethnic societies that bring students of different backgrounds together to share their culture, traditions, history, music and food — bridging borders and transcending differences within a community setting.

Another way to meet people, make friends and have fun during your time at UNIC is through the countless variety of events organised by our events team throughout the year. You can keep track of all happenings on and off campus through our online university events calendar which includes music concerts, exhibitions, cinematic screenings, lectures, exciting talks by guest speakers, and so many more. A number of these events are open to the greater public, and many are also planned and managed by students.