Multi-Faith Prayer Room

The University of Nicosia is committed to the promotion of equality and tolerance and embraces the religious and spiritual diversity of our community.

We recognise that some faiths require religious observance such as prayer and other ceremonial activities during University hours.  To support this, we have a Multi-Faith Prayer Room, which is set aside for quiet meditation and prayer.

It is open to both University of Nicosia students and staff. It is designed to be a welcoming and accessible space for people of all faiths and tradition. Please note that the Multi-Faith Prayer Room can only be used for religious and prayer purposes. The Multi-Faith Prayer Room is located in the Millennium Building (Level -1).

Please read the below guidelines, and take care to understand the sensibilities of others, which may be very different from your own.


•  Maintain an atmosphere of respect at all times.

•  Leave the Prayer Room as you found it (i.e. return any furniture to its original location).

•  Do not bring alcohol into the Multi-Faith Prayer Room at any time.

•  Do not light candles or burn incense in the Multi-Faith Prayer Room at any time.

•  Do not consume food or drink (other than water) in the Multi-Faith Prayer Room.

•   Please take care to keep the Multi-Faith Prayer Room clean and tidy at all times.