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  • UNIC’s IFF Coordinates New EUBOF Report on Blockchain-Enabled Virtual Worlds

    The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum (EUBOF) has announced the release of its latest report, titled "Blockchain-Enabled Virtual Worlds." This report, coordinated by the Institute For the Future (IFF) at the University of Nicosia, explores the Open Metaverse, examining its current state, potential impact, and the various considerations that will shape its evolution.

“Leaving the United States to attend a medical school halfway across the world in Cyprus was one the most exciting decisions in my life, and probably one of the best. This program is international in all senses of the word, as my classmates are from the UK, Canada, Australia, Israel, Lebanon, Italy, the US… For me, knowing I can go back and get clinical experience in the States was a very appealing offer, especially when it came to matching for a residency.”

Karine De Souza, Medicine - Class of 2019, USA