Career and Employability Office

University is a vital stepping stone to a successful career and our priority is supporting you in achieving this objective. This is why we place enormous emphasis on enhancing your employability post university.

Our Career and Employability Office provides you with vital insights and awareness of your professional choices, and will assist you in exploring career opportunities locally and abroad. You will also have access to information and guidance, through a series of workshops, presentations and seminars. One of the most important events organised every spring by UNIC, is the Annual Cyprus Career Expo, which is an excellent networking opportunity for students/alumni and potential employers.

In parallel, our European Documentation Centre (EDCUNIC), which promotes services and tools provided by the European Commission, offers advice, guidance and training on using EU resources/tools to search for internships/traineeships and jobs in the European Union. These placements refer to either specific EU institutions (e.g. European Parliament, Court of Justice) or companies in EU countries. In addition, EDC-UNIC helps students make informed decisions when moving to another country, providing access to legal, administrative and demographic information.

Global Career Opportunities

Many former UNIC graduates have gone on to work in renowned multinational companies, both in Cyprus and also in their respective home countries, or have succeeded in establishing successful businesses of their own in a variety of exciting industries.

Improving Your Employability

Our Career and Employability Office makes every effort to stay ahead of organisational and human talent developments across sectors globally, to be able to equip our students with essential skills and know-how that businesses need, thereby enhancing their employability.

The Career and Employability Office works closely with the Industry Liaison Office to develop mutually beneficial relationships with partner organisations and to connect students, faculty and industry in valuable partnerships, including research projects, student internships and full-time employment opportunities.

Industry Liaison Office of the University of Nicosia

The Liaison Office is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Republic of Cyprus. The Program aims at introducing internship in various study programs where financial support will be provided to the students who will choose internship as a course. The Office offers eligible students the opportunity to acquire direct practical experience in various organizations. Internships are offered according to the needs and capacity of businesses to receive and supervise interns. We have been working with some of the largest and most established well-known companies in Cyprus in the fields of accounting, economics and finance, business management, marketing & IT. The Liaison Office supports students in educational development and career planning as well as in networking with the labor market in order to promote job placement of graduates.

Seminars and Workshops

Students and alumni can benefit from a series of workshops, presentations and seminars organised every semester on topics such as “Note Taking”, “Time Management”, “Professional Appearance”, “Self Confidence”, “CV Writing & Interview Techniques”, “The Importance of Positive Attitude at Work Place”, “Academic Writing & Research”, “Unemployment in Cyprus”, “How to give a Presentation”, “A to Z how to Ensure a Job!”, “Success in Exams”, etc. All workshops, seminars and presentations are offered free of charge and are open to all students and alumni. Speakers in such seminars are outstanding professionals, career experts and in-house professors.

A certificate of attendance is given to all participants.

Job Vacancies and Internships

We are on hand to discuss job vacancies and internships, which are available to all students and alumni through the professional network that our Career and Employability Office has established with prominent organisations across the globe seeking career candidates.

Contact the Career and Employability Office

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Career and Employability Office
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