C&E Office

The UNIC Careers and Employability Office (UNIC C&E) targets to equip students with the essential skills and competencies that the industry requires.

The UNIC C&E provides students and alumni with vital insights and guidance with regards to their professional choices, supports them in exploring career opportunities and developing key skills to help them reach their full potential.

Students and alumni have access to information, advice and guidance through a series of workshops, presentations and seminars, one-to-one meetings and other initiatives/events.

With the support of UNIC C&E, students/alumni have the opportunity to find full or part time employment, internships and gain valuable career experience through a network of companies, which cooperate with the University.

Many UNIC graduates have gone on to work in renowned multinational companies, both in Cyprus and in their respective home countries or elsewhere abroad, or have succeeded in establishing successful businesses of their own in a variety of developed and emerging industries.

UNIC C&E makes every effort to stay ahead of organisational and human talent developments across sectors globally, to be able to equip UNIC students with essential skills and expertise that businesses need, thereby enhancing students’ employability.

Our Vision: Preparing students/graduates for a successful long-term career.

Our Mission: Investing in the personal development of students and graduates and cultivating their learnability culture to shape them as competitive and adaptable candidates, whose skills will match with the current needs of the industry.

Job vacancies and internships are available to all students and alumni through the professional network which UNIC C&E has established with prominent organisations around the globe. During the last academic year, UNIC C&E has cooperated with 350 companies to fill their openings, has posted 480 job/internship advertisements in internal advertising channels and has recommended 1450 students/graduates for open positions. Please visit our website to learn more.

UNIC C&E works to develop mutually beneficial relationships with partner organisations and to connect students, faculty and the industry in the framework of valuable partnerships, including research projects, student internships and full-time employment opportunities. UNIC C&E actively supports organisations to not only identify suitable candidates but also to shape and acquaint talents through the establishment of tailor-made partnerships/schemes to cover the needs of the organisation.
The Industry Liaison Program aims to support students in educational development and career planning as well as in networking with the labour market in order to promote job placements. In particular, it provides internship opportunities to students who are in the 3rd or 4th year of study in academic programs in which internship is an elective course, such as: Accounting, Finance and Economics, Human Resource Management, Information Systems and Social Media, Management, Marketing Communications, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering. The Program offers financial support for the placements. We have been working with some of the largest and most well-established companies in Cyprus. During the last academic year, 90 companies and 110 students have shown interest in the internships. It is worth mentioning that 55% of students/alumni initially placed through the Program have been permanently employed.
UNIC C&E offers specialized seminars and workshops focusing on professional and personal development (free of charge and with certificate of attendance). Seminars and workshops provide an ideal opportunity to learn about vital topics such as CV Writing, Interviewing Techniques, Time Management, Stress Management, Self Confidence, Emotional Intelligence and many more which enhance employability and essential skills. Companies are welcome to contact UNIC C&E should they wish to participate in seminars/workshops.