International Student Support

US and Canadian study abroad students (Global Semesters) should refer to the Global Semesters website

UNIC hosts students from all over the world in a multicultural environment, welcoming a variety of international students every year. With students from over 70 countries you will join the largest and most culturally diverse student community in Cyprus.

Every effort is made to help our international students ease into university life in Cyprus, so as to make your transition here as smooth as possible.

UNIC September is the University’s annual four-week orientation programme designed to introduce new Fall Semester students to the University environment and Cyprus. This month-long session provides you with information about campus life, study programmes and University services. It’s also a chance for you to become familiar with the campus, and to begin building a network of people who will assist you on your UNIC journey.

Once the school year begins, you will be immersed in UNIC’s international environment that includes faculty from around the world, academic partnerships with global universities, an active study abroad and Erasmus programme and a variety of national or ethnic societies and clubs. We truly value and encourage the diversity of our community.

Beyond campus, Cyprus itself is an international business and tourism hub which means there is a sophisticated and welcoming environment that was ranked the 5th best relocation country in the world. English is widely spoken and is the main language of business, making it easy for you to enjoy everything Cyprus has to offer.