Research is at the heart of the University of Nicosia, with the University committed to the promotion of research and the generation of knowledge for the benefit of Cyprus and the wider region.

The University regards scientific, academic and applied research as an important and essential part of its academic activities. The University has adopted a dynamic and proactive stance on research, which is reflected in the University’s continuously growing and diverse research portfolio. Faculty members are encouraged to engage in funded research and are supported by the University’s Research & Innovation Office.

This site is constantly updated with useful information about research initiatives and is designed to be of interest to faculty, students and academic, governmental and industrial collaborators of the University.  As such, the site serves as a tool that aims to provide information on research structures and support mechanisms, facilitate the development of national and international partnerships and offers an overview of the academically affiliated institutions, as well as ongoing funded projects.

Take some time to explore this section of the website and find out more about research at the University of Nicosia.