Student and Alumni Relations Office

Student and Alumni Relations Office organises various types of student and alumni events and activities such as Awards Ceremonies, Blood Donations, Charity Events, Christmas Gala Dinners, Dance Classes, Graduation Dinners, International Spring Festivals, Music Festivals, Seminars, Talent Shows, Documentaries Screening, etc.

Orientation Programmes

Organised by the Student and Alumni Relations Office for the new students, these programmes are designed to welcome new students to the UNic community. Orientation Sessions help students to get familiar with university services as well as with the university in general, meet their fellow students and participate in out-of-class activities.

International Student Support

The Student and Alumni Relations Office also serves all international students at the University. It supports them and promotes interaction with and integration into the University of Nicosia community and the Cypriot society at large. This service aims to help international students succeed personally and academically in their new and unfamiliar environment.  It organises several events, orientation sessions at the beginning of each semester, workshops, seminars (e.g. ‘How to deal with the cultural shock’, etc), trips around Cyprus and abroad. A major endeavour of this service is the creation, support, development and organization of ethnic societies, under the umbrella of which, one may experience different cultures.

Clubs and Societies

There is a variety of clubs and societies where students can get involved, make new friends, have some fun and be part of the student community. Students usually form clubs based on social, ethnic, academic, athletic, arts, or other special interests. This service provides students with the opportunity to join or create a Club or a Society. At the beginning of each academic year, a registration week for student Clubs and Societies is held on campus. During this week students may ask any questions and register for as many student Clubs and Societies as they like.

In case students miss the Clubs and Societies Registration week or want to create a new Leisure Club, Academic or Ethnic Society, they can contact the Student and Alumni Relations Office or the Sports Office for the Sports Clubs/Societies.

Important! Please note that your contact details will be given to the elected President of the particular Club/Society and the Department of Student Affairs, Student and Alumni Relations Officer, in order to inform you about the events and activities organised by the Club/Society or anything related to the Club/Society you have registered in.

Contact the Student and Alumni Relations Office

Student and Alumni Relations Office

Contact | Maria Efraim

Tel.: 22 842 150/3
Fax: 22 842 199
Email: [email protected]

Sports Office

Contact | Artemis Pavlidou
Sports Coordinator

Tel.: 22 842 336
Fax: 22 842 399
Email: [email protected]