Procedures for Students with Disabilities

Equal Opportunities:

It is the University of Nicosia’s intention to give all applicants who desire to study at the University the opportunity to acquire a quality education regardless of sex, gender, race, nationality, religion, age, disability and sexual orientation. The University sincerely encourages applicants with disabilities to enrol and participate in the student life, provided that they are capable of carrying out and completing the course of their choice. The University is always open to suggestions and recommendations that will improve services concerning students with disabilities.

Students will be assessed and treated according to their skills and abilities and will be given equal opportunities to function successfully within the University.


  • Applicants are encouraged to visit the University prior to their registration. By doing so, students will have the opportunity to meet staff and faculty and discuss the support they are already receiving and the support they will be receiving at the University.
  • Students are required to complete the relevant questionnaire during NEPTON (an English Placement Test to place students in the appropriate level of English in order to support their academic studies at the University).
  • The Senior Academic Officer will identify the students who require further academic support after reviewing the questionnaires and will forward them to the EH&S Officer.
  • The Senior Academic Officer will contact the students with Learning Disabilities and the EH&S Officer will contact the students with physical disabilities.
  • Students will be informed about the policies and will be given a copy of the policies. Students will also be informed about the Counselling Services and other services that offer academic support.
  • Students who have been identified with Learning Disabilities must provide the University with all official documentation (diagnosis, etc.) by qualified centres or professionals. In addition to their evaluation, it is also advisable that students provide the University with some documents, from their evaluator, which includes suggestions concerning each individual’s unique case. The documentation provided by each student should be recent in order to address the present needs of the student (3 years old maximum).
  • All data collected are confidential and will be kept secured in accordance with the relevant Cyprus law. University of Nicosia declares its respect to the confidentiality of all personal data and aims at protecting them by making them non-accessible to third parties.  Information is kept in a secure place within the University premises (Senior Academic Officer, EH&S Officer, Counselling Services will have copies of the documentation). The personal data collected are to be used only for the educational benefit of the student.
  • The academic guidelines on the official documentation suggested by the evaluator will be forwarded to the Senior Academic Officer and the Counselling Services at KESY.
  • Every semester, the Senior Academic Officer will forward the academic guidelines to the lecturers, to enable them to provide the required support to the students depending on his/her disability.
  • The Counselling Services at KESY will provide support and information for staff, faculty and students.