Alumni Network

With more than 100,000 graduates from UNIC and other affiliated institutions around the globe, the University has a vibrant and diverse alumni community, building upon the pathways to a culture of lifelong involvement that begins
from your student years.

Our graduates represent the University in a wide range of private and public institutions worldwide, in which they contribute to shaping the future of business, humanities, medicine, science, engineering and arts, especially as relates to the emerging technologies of the 4th industrial revolution.


Staying connected to an active international community of alumni naturally creates opportunities for knowledge and expertise exchange, networking, and access to professional development resources.
As a UNIC alumnus, you remain connected with the University community and:

  • Connect to a robust alumni network that spans the globe
  • Access the University resources, services and facilities
  • Tap into the Career Success Centre services
  • Engage with the next generation of alumni, through seminars/lectures and other networking activities
  • Serve as an Ambassador inspiring prospective students and future UNIC graduates
  • Regardless of when you graduate, your UNIC experience lasts a lifetime!