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The UNIC School of Business is a global leader in business education, with UNIC ranked among the Top 151-175 universities in the world for Business and Economics by the 2023 Times Higher Education World University Rankings by Subject. Correspondingly, UNIC ranks once more as 1st among the Cypriot and Greek universities, and 35th in the European Union, in the area.

The School of Business boasts a range of innovative programmes that are indicative of the robust advancements in business and technology today, catering to mainstay areas such as Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Management, Management Information Systems, Business Administration, Tourism and Hospitality Management, and extending into the emerging fields of crypto-assets and Blockchain technology, Sports Management, and Energy, Oil and Gas Management.

Indicatively, UNIC offers the top cryptocurrency academic programme in the world, being the first university globally to offer a course and degree programme in the field.

The School’s strategic priority to constantly improve and adapt helps equip its graduates with the requisite theoretical underpinnings and core competencies for a rapidly evolving international workplace, while priming them to assume leadership roles across the business spectrum.


The UNIC Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the flagship programme of the School of Business, offered both on campus and online. It is dynamic and intensive, reflecting an approach that stresses flexible specialisation, experiential learning, and optimum use of study time. The content and structure of the programme is regularly adjusted, incorporating the latest approaches to Management Education and Executive Training. The programme offers a degree that is highly integrated in context and practical, by remaining close to actual business practice, serving the priorities and goals of all interested candidates, catering to an evolving global business landscape.

University of Nicosia: Global Leader in Business and Economics Education

What Our Students say

When I look back, I regard my choice to spend my student years in Cyprus and at UNIC, in particular, as an important landmark in both my personal and professional development. The international environment and the opportunity to combine first-class studies and training with practical knowledge was a great approach and an extraordinary experience, which fully prepared me both for the hurdles one faces as an adult and the challenges in the globalised business world we now live in.

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Milena Domanova, Manager, Global Compliance Europe, Deloitte Global Tax Centre (Europe) Business Administration, Class of 2008 MBA – Concentration in Finance, Class of 2012
From UNIC to Carnegie Mellon to Oracle to Medallia

I am grateful to UNIC for the jumpstart in my career. I have fond memories of my undergraduate studies, and of the very cosy, friendly atmosphere on campus. From my first days, I never felt like just a number. Our professors were always accessible and willing to give detailed feedback.

I must add that the staff is highly qualified as well – even freshman courses are taught by professors holding qualifications from the best universities around the world. UNIC is also well-equipped, boasting new buildings with airy classrooms, amphitheatres, as well as a vast library. These were really the best amenities I’ve ever encountered.

The support exceeded all my expectations. I received mentoring from faculty members with respect to graduate school admissions. So many people went above and beyond and were true mentors, helping out at every stage. I would not even have dared to apply to a top school like Carnegie Mellon if it was not for the encouragement from my professors!

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Diana Yuryeva Senior Software Engineer, Medallia Inc., Business Administration, Class of 2009
From Student to "Series A" Startup

Halfway through my Business Administration degree at UNIC, I recognised my interest in startups and small businesses. I soon realised that the University provides a tremendous amount of resources and support in this area. Soon after, I began my startup journey by attending relevant seminars, and by taking part in a number of competitions and projects, all with the unwavering support of my professors.

I next realised that having a professional team could push my knowledge to the next level. So, I went on a mission to find like-minded students to join me on this journey. I found many on campus and we formed a formidable team. We achieved much success in worldwide competitions, under the banner of the University of Nicosia. We were among the top ten innovation teams in the world at the Microsoft Imagine Cup, also taking first place for the “Facebook Creativity Award.” We’ve been awarded the top spot in other well-known student competitions. These were all an excellent start to the journey.

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Pooya Charmarai Tohidi, Co-founder and CEO, Sockseed, Business Administration (BBA), Class of 2008, Business Administration – Concentration in Management (MBA), Class of 2012

School Events

Το Τμήμα Διοίκησης, της Σχολής Διοίκησης Επιχειρήσεων σε συνεργασία με το Τμήμα Εισδοχής Φοιτητών του Πανεπιστημίου Λευκωσίας, διοργανώνει για πέμπτη χρονιά την ημερίδα: «ΜΑΖΙ: Μαθαίνουμε και καταπολεμούμε το ηλεκτρονικό έγκλημα» η οποία απευθύνεται σε γονείς και παιδιά ηλικίας 11-16 ετών και στοχεύει στην αντιμετώπιση των κινδύνων των κοινωνικών δικτύων. 

Accounting & Finance Mini Job Fair

7 December, 2022 @ 11:00 - 15:00

The Career Success Centre and the Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance are inviting you to an Accounting and Finance mini job fair!

Seats within Cine Studio are sold out. Check out live streaming options below. Mr. Changpeng Zhao (CZ) at the University of Nicosia for an exclusive interview in Cyprus The co-founder and CEO of Binance will be interviewed by UNIC CEO, Antonis Polemitis, about the future of cryptoassets and ongoing industry developments Monday 28th [...]

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