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UNIC supports Student Conference on Computer Science in Thessaloniki

The University of Nicosia supported the 11th Student Conference on Computer Science taking place in Thessaloniki, as the main sponsor. The Conference was a big success, with the participation of more than 2400 students and 340 educators from 127 school units.

3rd ROBOTEX Pancyprian Robotics Competition

Following the success of the previous events, the Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) is organizing the 3rd Robotex Pancyprian Robotics Competition, which will take place on 29-30 June at the Sports Centre of the University of Cyprus.

Dr Ioanna Pelagia

Adjunct Faculty School of Sciences and EngineeringDepartment of Computer Science[/fusion_table]

  • Δρ Ιωάννη Κατάκη