The University of Nicosia is the only private university in Cyprus to have joined Vision2020: The Horizon Network.

Vision2020 is an innovation platform for research organisations and companies participating in the ‘Horizon 2020’ EU funding programme. Vision2020 acts as a hub to connect Horizon 2020 participants from excellent universities and innovative companies, and works to maximise the value and Horizon 2020 funding its members can obtain.

Vision2020 Members

  • The research organisation members of Vision2020 are a selected group of excellent institutions that are highly active in European research & innovation.
  • Vision2020 also hosts a selected group of Experts that provide members with tailored services that are specific to Horizon 2020.

Vision 2020 Network

  • Vision2020 hosts communities of researchers and companies that work together in “clusters” organised around a particular research area.
  • Each cluster contributes towards the Horizon 2020 agenda and acts as a platform for launching successful proposals.
  • Vision2020 also organises several events each year to connect researchers, companies, funding experts and EU representatives and identify opportunities across Horizon 2020.

The Horizon Network will provide opportunities for the University of Nicosia to derive maximum value from the Horizon 2020 funding programme, through consortium-building and access to clusters of excellent organisations offering complementary and targeted expertise.