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With the aim of supporting young people in connecting with the local and international job market, and linking businesses with the University, its students and graduates, the Career Success Centre of the University of Nicosia is organising sector-specific job fairs. 

 The Job fair in Multidisciplinary Business will be held on Tuesday, 2 April 11:45-15:00, on the University Campus (The Block Gallery), and is co-organised with the Department of Management, of the UNIC School of Business. 

 Businesses who will be participating in the exhibition will provide interested students with information about employment opportunities at various levels of specialisation. During the event, career advisors and company executives will inform participants about practical issues related to accessing and smoothly integrating into the job market, as well as available internships and job opportunities. Business representatives will also present the nature of their work and the skills required in the specific sectors they represent. 

 At the same time, participants will have the opportunity to get to know companies established in their field and network with professionals in the areas that interest them. They will also be able to discuss employment opportunities and better understand the industry of the profession. Finally, participants will have the chance to submit their resumes and conduct on-site interviews with companies they desire. 

About the Job fairs

The job fairs organised by the Career Success Centre are part of a broader action plan aimed at familiarising students and graduates with the job market, facilitating their smooth integration into it, strengthening their professional networking, and ultimately increasing their employability. 

The job fairs are exclusively open for students and graduates of the University of Nicosia. 

About the Career Success Centre

The Career Success Centre of the University of Nicosia has been established to support students and graduates in their personal and professional development, so that they can meet the challenges of the rapidly changing world and respond to the needs and expectations of the times. Therefore, the Centre helps students to explore their professional opportunities, enhances their awareness of professional choices, and contributes to developing their skills so that they can reach their full potential. 

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