UNIC signs Memorandum of Understanding with Verona University

The MOU aims at a fruitful collaboration for further development and internationlalisation of the two universities

On January 13th, 2023 the University of Nicosia, Department of Management of the School of Business, and Verona University, Department of Languages and Literature signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU is intended to establish a creative academic co-operation in order to promote the mutual interests of and to foster and develop the partnership between the two Departments in accordance with their individual mission and objectives, especially in respect of internationalisation.

The MoU will be active for five years from the Commencement Date, that is January 13th, 2023 and aims to:

  1. Develop a framework for programme collaboration and transfer of academic credits
  2. The exchange of faculty members for teaching (by physical or virtual means)
  3. Engagement in collaborative research and reciprocal visits by faculty members
  4. Hosting of short term academic programmes / study visits for students
  5. Participation in seminars and academic meetings for faculty members
  6. The undertake of other meaningful mutually agreed academic activities as considered appropriate by the parties. 

About the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Universita di Verona

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the Verona University promotes research, education and diffusion of knowledge in foreign languages and literatures, particularly Chinese, French, English, German, Russian and Spanish as well as Brazilian Portuguese and Catalan. The Department is characterised by its high level of interdisciplinarity and international outlook in both teaching and research. Students are encouraged to participate in international mobility programmes and can also take specialised courses in commerce, tourism, publishing and teaching. Students may also pursue higher academic studies through the PhDs offered by the department.