The MENTOR project commenced in 1974 under the name PERACH (an acronym for tutoring project in Hebrew, and which also means “flower’’).  The project was implemented by a handful of students from the Weizmann Institute of Science, who tutored children in need to help them realise their potential and blossom into motivated individuals. Since then, PERACH has expanded enormously both in scale and in the scope of its activities.

Being the largest organisation of its kind in the world with presence in more than 25 countries, PERACH has become a source of inspiration and practical support to other similar organisations globally.

In Cyprus, the programme was initiated under the name “Mentor” in close cooperation with PERACH. It is being implemented under the auspices of the Commissioner for the Protection of Children’s Rights – Ms Leda Koursoumba – and in cooperation with the country’s Social Welfare Services, the Federal Foundation of Parents of Elementary school children of Nicosia Schools, the Pool of Trainers of the Cyprus Youth Council, and the Pancyprian Coordinating Council for Volunteers.

In 2016 the programme was approved as a prevention programme for children from vulnerable groups by the Antidrug Council of Cyprus. It is also supported by other numerous governmental and non-governmental organisations.