Citizens Free University

The University of Nicosia organizes and operates a lecture series open to the general public, engaging with contemporary issues of common interest to Cypriot society.

This institution seeks direct contact with the citizens of Cyprus, to enter into dialogue with them as regards the economy, education, social problems, the environment, the arts, culture, and other significant aspects of life.

This provides a forum for the University’s teaching and research faculty to present the analyses and findings from individual and collective research work – with the vital contribution of the public in the form of questions and observations.

In this way, the Citizen’s Free University acts as an essential link between the university and the society in which it operates.

Tamasos Cultural Association and the Citizens Free University

Faculty/Staff of the University of Nicosia since 2008 have been providing open lectures in the Tamasos area with regards to everyday issues that are of concern to Cypriot society. The subjects chosen are based on issues decided upon by the citizens themselves as defined the previous year. Participants obtain a certificate of attendance/participation.