Be a Mentor!

Mentor is a children’s mentoring programme in which almost every student can participate, regardless of his or her course of study.

A student who joins “Mentor” meets with a pupil (or number of pupils) twice a week (for two hours each time). The Mentor may be placed in any area they choose, even if it isn’t near the institution where they are studying.

Meetings are held at a place and time convenient for the mentor and his/her mentee. Activities aim at enriching the child’s world, reinforcing his/hers self-confidence and helping the child with their school studies or in other areas.

A student (Mentor) who is interested, and is found suitable, can be active in a group project pertaining to a particular field (sciences, arts, health, nature, sport, etc.).The mentor can utilise a variety of resources and aides available to them.

You can join the programme as a volunteer or participate in it to fulfil the practicum requirements of your field of study. Your participation can also help you meet the requirements of financial aid you receive from your university.

Participation in the programme can significantly enhance your CV and is considered an advantage in regards to your application for admission to graduate studies.

Registration procedure:

Send the following personal data via email to [email protected] and wait to be contacted by the Mentor coordinator you will be assigned to:

  • First and last name
  • Year of study and program of study
  • Residence area

Contact us by telephone on 22 841 737 for further information, or in case your email receives no response.