Our Approach

The University of Nicosia, as an educational institution, strives to fulfill its responsibility as a corporate citizen by engaging in several activities that contribute to the betterment of society.

Our approach focuses on the following key areas:

  • Students – how we support our students

  • Human Resources – how we engage, motivate and support our people

  • Environment –  how we manage our environmental impact

  • Communities – how we support the community at large


Recognising its students as its main stakeholders the University of Nicosia strives to support them in various ways, including providing scholarships and financial support, events, sports and other activities, accommodation services, career services, mobility, support for students with special educational needs.

Human Resources

Successful development decisions, combined with the recruitment of talented and qualified personnel, have resulted in the University of Nicosia being regarded as one of the most important, dynamic and stable employers in the Cyprus. The University strives to ensure and promote a corporate philosophy that provide its employees with a friendly and safe work environment that values meritocracy and supports equal opportunity; lifelong education and which is inclusive and free of discrimination. The University has developed a Code of Conduct and Values that applies to both administrative and academic personnel that aims to cultivate a spirit of team work and collaboration.


Respect and consideration for the environment are underlying factors that affect the activities of the University of Nicosia, which has embraced the principles of sustainable development. The University undertook to measure its environmental footprint in terms of the materials and services consumed during its daily operations and has put various practices into place in order to minimize its impact on the environment.


In its attempt to fulfil its vision of being a leading contributor to education and research the University has established several research and training centres and instituted programmes such as the Citizen’s Free University and Training Programmes for the unemployed.  In addition it supports and sponsors a large number of charitable and non-for-profit organisations.