The MENTOR programme takes its name from the ancient Greek word mentor which refers to an elder who offers guidance, help and spiritual guidance to someone younger.

The programme connects elementary school children from underprivileged families, with university students.

Students have the opportunity to act as mentors, friends and role models to these children, enabling them to build positive and supportive relationships.  Through this interaction, the children are given the chance to unfold their limitless abilities and talents..



The MENTOR project commenced in 1974 under the name PERACH (an acronym for tutoring project in Hebrew, and which also means “flower’’).

What is Mentor?

“Mentor” is a very carefully structured programme. It is based on an innovative coaching model which belongs to a larger family of comparable programmes found abroad.

Be a Mentor!

Mentor is a children’s mentoring programme in which almost every student can participate, regardless of his or her course of study.

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