SHSS Newsletter 06 | 2023

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) Newsletter

I am delighted to present the 6th edition of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Newsletter. In reflecting upon the past academic year, and through reading the contributions of colleagues and students in this volume, I feel proud that our School has once again contributed significantly to the promotion of humanities and social sciences to local and international audiences. Through new and continuing research projects, books, journal articles, book chapters, conference contributions, seminars/trainings/events organized and attended, our vibrant SHSS community has
remained active in promoting the work that is being done in our School.

The Editorial Committee and I enjoyed reading the contributions appearing in this Newsletter, which we hope that you will enjoy too and be inspired by. As mentioned in previous editions, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, as a multi-disciplinary School, places great importance in sharing the work conducted within its various Departments as this can support collaborations within and between Departments, and ultimately strengthen cross-disciplinary teaching and research collaborations.

We look forward to receiving submissions for future editions of the SHSS Newsletter, to highlight and disseminate the exciting and valuable work and achievements of our School to the wider academic community.

With best wishes,
Professor Ioulia Papageorgi
SHSS Newsletter Editor
Associate Dean of School
Professor, Social Sciences