Call for Applications for the Master (MA) in International Relations and Eastern Mediterranean Studies DL

The University of Nicosia announces the opening of fifteen (15) positions for admission to the Master (MA) in International Relations and Eastern Mediterranean Studies for the Fall 2021 semester of the academic year 2021-2022.

The programme, which is accredited by the Cyprus Quality Assurance Agency, is offered in distance learning form (DL), in English and Greek. It gives the opportunity for specialization in the particular fields of international relations and Eastern Mediterranean Studies, both at a theoretical and at a practical level. It provides postgraduate education to holders of a Bachelor in political science or of some other relevant field (International Relations, European Studies, Governance, Public Administration, Law etc.), and it mainly, but not exclusively, addresses itself to individuals who (intend to) work on fields relevant with the Eastern Mediterranean and international relations (diplomats, consular officials, security and military personnel, energy security personnel, general employees of companies and of other private sector entities or organizations, members of the public service or of some other public or semi-public agency or organization, members of non-governmental organizations etc.)

The main academic aims of the program are (a) the deepening of knowledge in specialized fields of international relations and Eastern Mediterranean Studies with theoretical and practical importance, as well as (b) the broadening of the understanding of political science and of its implementation in a comparative regional and International context.

The intended earning outcomes involve both practical and theoretical knowledge, skills and qualifications that will enhance students cognitive as well as managerial capacities, when dealing with tasks and challenges in relevant legal professions.

Upon successful completion of the programme, students should be able to:

  • Advance knowledge of basic concepts, principles, notions, theories and models and apply them in special contexts within the cognitive field of international relations and Eastern Mediterranean Studies.
  • Advance specific theoretical schemes and models, related to the content and to the particular objects of the cognitive field.
  • Combine theoretical and empirical knowledge, so as to be able to treat simple or complex issues that arise in professional areas of interest.
  • Analyze and evaluate issues, problems and proposals in specific areas of international relations and Eastern Mediterranean Studies (normative and empirical approach).
  • Evaluate procedures that aim at confronting problems in the field.
  • Identify priority issues, which deserve analysis and evaluation at national, regional or international level.
  • Develop their own specific theories on which to base the interdisciplinary and methodical approach to specific issues and problems.
  • Conduct independent research and combine in an interdisciplinary manner the methodological and cognitive tools of political science and international relations, in order to deliver innovative approaches and proposals.
  • Implement necessary analytical and communication skills required in order to get involved in professional fields of interest, either on a regional or international level.
  • Develop managerial skills, in accordance with the requirements of the profession.
  • Utilise the necessary supplies and the associated culture in the pursuit of continuous improvement of their individual skills and competencies after the completion of their studies.
  • Independently identify, analyze and evaluate complex issues relating to International Relations and Eastern Mediterranean Studies by using a variety of theoretical approaches and methodological tools.
  • Critically evaluate key developments within the fields of International Relations and Eastern Mediterranean Studies.
  • Independently analyze, interpret and reflect upon key trends and developments in world politics and engage in related debates.
  • Effectively utilize research methods used in the field of International Relations.
School: Law
Duration: 1 – 4 years (2 – 8 semesters)
Number of positions: 15 (fifteen)
Selection criteria: Preselection on the basis of evaluation of qualifications and final selection on the basis of an individual interview
Application deadline: 6 September 2021
Interviews: Only when necessary for further evaluation of particular applications

How to Apply

For information related to the master programme, contact the program coordinator, Dr. Michalis Kontos, via email: [email protected].
The application can be submitted online through the following link or in person by visiting the Department of Admissions.


  • Academic Qualifications: An accredited Bachelor’s degree in the social sciences, or any other relevant Bachelor’s degree (relevance will be assessed accordingly)
  • Curriculum Vitae: a complete CV specifying all academic and professional activities.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Applicants must obtain two (2) recommendation letters.
  • English Language Proficiency: Students satisfy the English language requirements if their first degree was taught in English. Otherwise, they would need to present an average TOEFL score of 500, GCSE “O” Level with minimum “C” or IELTS with a score of an average 5.5-6
  • Personal Statement: A personal statement by the prospective student expressing his/her interest in following the program and attaching samples of his/her previous written work, where applicable.
  • Application Form: Applicants must submit an application form for admission and start the application process to the programme. The application form requests general information about the applicant, their qualifications, relevant experience etc.
  • Final Evaluation: In view of the limited number of applicants to be admitted to the programme, the Interview Committee will decide on the basis of merit and by evaluating specific criteria who are the most suitable candidates to be admitted to the programme.
  • Application Fee: An application fee of €55 (non-refundable) will need to be paid upon submission of the application. Alumni of the University of Nicosia are exempted from this.

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