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The Erasmus+ Programme is one of the most successful educational funding projects in the world! It offers the unique opportunity to UNIC students to study or undertake an internship abroad in another country for a period of at least 2 months and a maximum of 12 months per cycle of studies.

UNIC graduates can also gain their first work experience abroad immediately after their graduation and within a period of 12 months after obtaining their degree. Even though the programme has a European Union character, it also offers the possibility to travel beyond the borders of the European Union.

In addition to student opportunities, the Erasmus+ Programme also provides the opportunity to all full time faculty and staff, to materialize funded mobilities for teaching assignments or training purposes, abroad.

In general a grant is provided to participants who travel abroad! You may contact the UNIC Erasmus Office for further information.

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Why Participate?

  • To take advantage of a fabulous opportunity to experience Europe and the world

  • To experience how your chosen subject of study can be approached differently

  • To develop your independence and self-reliance

  • To become more competitive in the professional sector

What is Erasmus+ Study Mobility

  • A European programme for education, training, youth and sports

  • Aims to send millions of Europeans to study, train, and volunteer abroad

  • Offers the possibility to travel, acquire work experience and study within and beyond the European borders, boosting the skills and employability of its participants

Incoming mobility

Incoming mobility

To take part in the Erasmus+ Exchange Program at the University of Nicosia, you have to first contact the International or Erasmus Office at your Home Institution.

Outgoing mobility

Outgoing mobility

Opportunities to study abroad are available to students at Bachelor and Master levels and Doctoral candidates.

What our Students say about Erasmus+ Study mobility

“…The ERASMUS experience was a big opportunity for me to open my horizons but also to become more social and meet new people that in the long run I became friends with. I would definitely suggest to students of the University of Nicosia to participate in a study mobility program because I think that it is a life changing experience and its one in a lifetime opportunity and I think everyone should be able to experience it..”

Evdokia Aristeidou, Nutrition and Dietetics (BSc), Outgoing Study Mobility, Athens University of Agriculture, Spring 2020

“My journey in the beautiful Cyprus was the most exciting and amazing time I ever had.

Choosing the University of Nicosia to study as an Erasmus student was also a perfect idea.

I had everything that I needed, Erasmus coordinators made things easier for us. We could count on them at any time.

Our professors were also really kind and helpful; they appreciated our effort and were always curious how things work in our country.

One more thing that I really enjoyed is that, there wasn’t a week without any activity or something interesting to do.

Thank you UNIC, thank you Cyprus for this unforgettable experience!”

Judit Dobo, National University of Public Service-Hungary (Criminal Policing) - Fall 2018 (European Mobility-KA103)

“I have been honored to participate into Erasmus+ Programme from 2019 to 2020 studying at the University of Nicosia for one semester.

This mobility program allowed me to build connections with students and scholars from more than 11 countries and definitely enriches my knowledge about me and the world and for which, I am forever thankful”.

Nan Erli, Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University-China (TESOL)-Fall 2019 (International Mobility-KA107)

“…UNIC is the best university I have been so far. I loved the lecturers/professors, they were very motivated, enthusiastic and charismatic. Their lectures were modern and interesting. I really liked the environment and atmosphere at the University. There is plenty of space to study and chill, like Coffeology101. I have met many wonderful people who I can start calling them “My friends”! UNIC is a “must” experience; there the students start loving studies again.

Secondly, Cyprus is a paradise. And you can see this everywhere. It is true! I love it! My passion is hiking and swimming and Cyprus can offer both of them I different ways. I was really surprised to see how many nature trails, beautiful and lovely beaches Cyprus has. I had a very friendly Cypriot flatmate and we spent a lot of time travelling around the island so I am very happy that I had a personal guide.

Overall, I am very excited about my Erasmus experience in Cyprus and University of Nicosia.”

Emilija Dangveckaite, International Business School at Vilnius University-Lithuania (Business) – Spring 2019 (European Mobility-KA103)

“Erasmus+ programme gave us the best opportunity to travel around Europe such as Spain, Hungary, Germany, Romania and Poland. We also faced some challenges but soon we learned to overcome them. Erasmus+ programme gave us the greatest experience and taught us useful things that we can utilize in the future.“

Sisters Ioanna Anghelescu and Larisa Anghelescu, Hospitality Management (ΒΒΑ), Erasmus+ Studies in FH Joanneum University in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria

“Erasmus+ was one of the most memorable periods of my life, during which I have gained a lot, experienced a lot, met truly great people from all over the world and really had unforgettable moments.”

David Kapanadze, International Relations and European Studies (BA), Erasmus+ Studies in Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic

What is Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility

The Erasmus+ Traineeship Program provides funding to students, and recent graduates to work for 2-12 months in an enterprise/organization in another European country.

Incoming Traineeship

Incoming Traineeship

Students or recent graduates have to first be selected for participation within the Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme by their home university.

Traineeship for Graduates

Traineeship for Graduates

Erasmus+ supports traineeships (work placements, internships) abroad for UNIC students at Bachelor and Master Level as well as for doctoral candidates. These opportunities are also open to recent graduates.

Traineeship for Students

Traineeship for Students

Erasmus+ supports traineeships (work placements, internships) abroad for UNIC students at Bachelor and Master Level as well as for doctoral candidates.

What our People say about Erasmus+ Traineeship mobility

“..As an individual that studied in my own country, and never really had the chance to be truly independent, the opportunity offered by the Erasmus+ Traineeship program to work in a foreign European country made me grow; not only in a professional level but also on a personal one. Through this experience, I learned how to live on my own, be responsible and finally be independent. I was able to put my academic knowledge in practice and I gained a genuine insight professional experience by working in an internationally acclaimed enterprise of Madrid. I was given the opportunity to visit a country which back then I had never been to, and thereby I got to know a different culture, I met new people, saw and done things that I had never experienced before..”

Nicolas loannou, Architecture (BAArch), Erasmus+ Traineeship in Madrid, Spain

“..From the yellow jackets manifestation and people’s protests to the lockdown due to COVID-19 it was definitely a challenging period in Paris. Therefore, at some point I had to work from home because of the situation. But, It was an interesting experience as I never worked remotely before. Nevertheless, I had the chance for a while to get around the city and enjoy it. This mobility felt a bit surreal but definitely was an unforgettable one.. ”

Marilena Konstantinou , Digital Art and Design (MA), Erasmus+ Traineeship in Paris, France

“..During my 10-month traineeship in Athens, I developed many skills that will assist me in my career as a clinical dietitian and health professional. Going abroad offered me a great opportunity not only to strengthen my CV, but also to enhance my social skills. I learned to be independent while simultaneously collaborating as an effective member of a professional health team in a foreign country. I successful advanced my knowledge and abilities to a higher level…”

Savvina Kousaiti , Clinical Dietetics (MSc) Erasmus+ Traineeship in Athens, Greece

“..After my Erasmus+ Traineeship, I can say that I feel much more self-confident. I also know my real value, my strengths and my weaknesses. I enjoyed my experience so much that I decided to stay in Poland for a while as I found a job in the capital city of the country, Warsaw.. ”

Guillaume Crahay , MBA Student, Erasmus+ Traineeship in Warsaw, Poland

What is Erasmus+ Staff Mobility

Incoming Mobility

Incoming Mobility

UNIC is receiving an increasing number of requests from faculty/staff from other universities requesting to carry out teaching or training mobility at our institution.

Outgoing Mobility

Outgoing Mobility

Faculty members interested in a teaching mobility in one of the UNIC partner Universities located in Europe should refer to the list of Universities with which UNIC has an established bilateral agreement.

What our People say about Erasmus+ Staff mobility

As a lecturer I always encouraged my students to pursue Erasmus mobility’s in order to enhance their soft skills . Soft skills are key to building relationships, gaining visibility, and creating more opportunities for advancement. My recent Erasmus mobility allowed me to pursue a specialization in the area of mentor and coaching a competence that I perceive as crucial for my career advancement. The Erasmus training has taken place at the INOVA Consult in Sheffield, UK. INOVA specializes in mentoring and coaching. The training consisted of lectures, exercises and shadowing. The 2 days training was very interesting and I enjoyed every minute of it . I am more confident now to include in my lecturers and trainings coaching and mentoring principles as I have enhanced my knowledge and skills both as an academic and as business practitioner

Y Orphanidou

I was invited to participate in the “technology week” event at Umea University as one of the guest experts. I delivered a rich and diverse teaching programme over the duration of the mobility that included: a public lecture, a presentation of our architecture programme at UNic to all faculty members of the school, acted as a guest critic in 4th year design studio. Additionally I was invited to follow various other academic events organised at Umea University as well as a plethora of social gatherings and architecture exhibitions.

M Menikou

The planned activities were central to UNIC’s dual chief strategic targets of quality teaching and research. Additionally, and within the Erasmus aims and spirit, the aforementioned objectives were in collaboration with another European university; whose faculty I had already effectively worked with in the past, and whose knowledge and expertise could enhance our own in a mutually beneficial relationship, be it formal and institutionalized or ad hoc.

A Thrassou

I had the pleasure of teaching students of dance at the Latvian Academy of Culture in Riga from April 24th through April 26th. I taught students a seminar on exploring ideas of identity politics with a particular emphasis on gender in dance. The students were introduced to history of femininity in contemporary dance, eventually leading to improvisation and composition class that allowed them to investigate their individual physical identities. In the latter sessions we further experimented with movement given in order to discover various ways to compose choreographies using precise spatial patters and improvisational techniques based on their physical identities. Furthermore, I had an inspiring session with an MA student offering feedback on her choreographic research.

D Milovanovic

Visiting Thailand, and in particular the University of Thammasat has been an invaluable experience. On a personal level, I have gained firsthand experience concerning a very different culture group, and speaking with faculty and staff there gave me an understanding of how a Public University in Thailand operates. What was also considered to be extremely beneficial for me was to speak with administrators and faculty members who were involved with the accreditation of the University, and is now a Triple Crown accredited university (AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS). This was of particular interest to me as our Business School is currently preparing for AACSB accreditation.

Yioula Melanthiou


UNIC Erasmus Office cordially invites students from all cycles and programmes of study to the Info Session about Erasmus+ European and International Mobility on Thursday, 12 October at 10:00-11.30 at the UNESCO Amphitheatre.

Erasmus+ Info Day 2023

11 October @ 11:00 - 13:00 EEST

The Erasmus Office of the University of Nicosia is organizing the annual Erasmus+ Info Day on Wednesday, 11 October 2023 at 11:00-13:00 at UNIC Open Amphitheatre.

The University of Nicosia will be hosting a Study Visit on 19 and 20 June 2023, in the context of the Family Business Management (FAB) ERASMUS+ Project.

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