In providing high quality educational and workplace facilities, the University recognizes the effects its operations and activities have on the environment and acknowledges the responsibility it has to limit these effects in order to maintain the environment for future generations. The University aims to be a center of excellence in environmental management and seeks to establish an ethos at all levels and in all departments towards protecting and improving the environment and reducing the negative effect of its operations.

The main objective of this commitment on the environment is to work towards an environmentally sustainable future. On one hand, students have the power to demand more environmentally responsible campuses and curricula, and on the other, Faculty and Staff can influence society by returning environmentally literate citizens and by demanding environmentally sound goods and services. Since colleges and universities educate most of the people who run society’s institutions and train the teachers who educate children, it becomes clear that transforming campuses into catalysts for environmental sustainability is a very good first step toward changing the world.

You can find attached the University Environmental Policy.