EH&S Committee and Subcommittees

Under the Health and Safety at Work Law, safety committees have the function of keeping under review the measures taken to ensure the health and safety at work of employees and others.


A Safety Committee would normally be expected:

  • To study accident reports and statistics and make recommendations to management on corrective action.
  • To carry out safety inspections so that compliance with the declared safety policy can be monitored and if necessary advise management on any corrective action necessary.
  • To consider reports made by enforcing authority inspectors e.g. Health and Safety Inspectors, Local Authority Inspectors, Fire Brigade Inspectors etc.
  • To consider reports and inspections reports made by the Government or Trade Unions on health and safety issues.
  • To help develop local safety rules, and systems of work including the University Safety Policy and to consider local problems.
  • To watch over the effectiveness of employee safety training and health and safety communication and publicity in the workplace.
  • To bring to the attention of other University groups concerned with Health and Safety suggestions, ideas etc on improving health and safety in the University Campus generally.


The current members of the EH&S Committee are:

Dr Alexandros Antonaras
Vice President of Student Services

Dr Demetris Stasinos                                     
Professor of Education Department

Dr Ioannis Kyriakides                                     
Associate Professor Electrical Computer Engineering

Dr Andreas Chrysanthou

Mr Marios Papalazarou                                
Vice President of Human Resources

Mr Chrysostomos Papadimitriou              
Clinical Officer KESY

Mr Herodotos Avraamides                          
Head of Facilities / Senior Development Officer Medical School

Mr Kyriakos Georgiou                                   
Senior Administrative Officer Office of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Ms Voula Makrides
Head of Facilities Department

Ms Liana Ellina                                                  
Head Receptionist

Ms Artemis Pavlidou                                      
Sports Office

Ms Martha Makri                                            
Facilities Officer

Ms Myria Thrassou                                         
Head of Student Affairs

Ms Galina Constantinides Yaneva            
Senior Admissions Counselor

Mr Ioannis Ioannou                                        
Team Lead IT Platforms and Devices Computer Center

Mr Christos Theocleous                               
Senior Academic Officer

Mr Evangelos Stambolis                               
EHS Coordinator Medical School

Ms Maria Odysseos                                       
Human Resources Officer

Ms Johana Rodosthenous                           
Lab Officer

Ms Kalia Loizidou                                           
School Psychologist & Career Counselor

Ms Mary Soutzi                                                
EHS Coordinator Intercollege Nicosia

Ms Eftyhia Neophytou                                  
EHS Coordinator Intercollege Limassol

Ms Andri Christodoulou                               
Environment, Health and Safety Officer

Conduct and Safety Committees

The Environment, Health and Safety Committee will need to meet as frequently as business dictates. It should, in any case meet once per term. Dates of proposed meetings must be publicized to enable matters for the agenda to be submitted in time.
The minutes of the committee must be displayed/brought to the attention of all employees it covers.

It is most important to appreciate that the committee has no executive responsibility and is solely advisory. Any executive action recommended will be undertaken at the discretion of the Executive Vice President for Administration.

Environment, Health and Safety Subcommittees

In response to specific needs of the University subcommittees have been appointed. The role of these committees is to monitor and make suggestions for improvement in their corresponding area.

Environment Subcommittee

Dr George Gregoriou
Dean School of Science and Engineering

Dr Iris Charalambidou
Assistance Professor Department of Life and Health Sciences

Mr Kyriakos Georgiou
Senior Administrative Officer Office of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Ms Yianna Orphanidou
Associate Head of Department, Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management

Ms Voula Makrides
Head of Facilities Department

Ms Myria Thrassou
Head of Student Affairs

Ms Loutsia Protopapa
Webmaster, Marketing Department (Administrative)

Ms Andri Christodoulou
Environment, Health and Safety Officer