Environmental Policy

The University of Nicosia educates over 14 000 students and employs over 1166 members of staff across its campus.

In providing high quality educational and workplace facilities, the University recognizes the effects its operations and activities have on the environment and acknowledges the responsibility it has to limit these effects in order to maintain the environment for future generations.

The University aims to be a centre of excellence in environmental management and seeks to establish an ethos at all levels and in all departments towards protecting and improving the environment and reducing the negative effect of its operations.

The University of Nicosia Environmental Policy involves all staff and students and seeks to:

  • Integrate environmental management and energy management into day-to-day operations by establishing Environmental Management and Energy Management Systems  certified to ISO14001 and ISO 500001 for all our operations on campus.
  • Comply with and, where possible, exceed all relevant environmental legislation and regulations and other requirements.
  • Promote energy efficiency and responsible energy management.
  • Promote resource efficiency through preventing and minimizing waste production and diverting waste from landfill through increasing re-use and recycling.
  • Promote the responsible use of water and support the conservation of water resource initiatives.
  • Reduce the pollution of air, land and water where practicable.
  • Encourage the use of public transport and the provision of facilities for the pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Encourage the integration of environmental issues in the curriculum.
  • Provide environmental training for appropriate staff and promote general awareness of the environmental policy to all staff and students.
  • Support research and development activities aimed at improving the University’s environmental performance.
  • Constantly monitor and improve its environmental policy and practice.

The University’s Environmental Committee and the Office of the Vice President of Administration are responsible for the implementation of this policy. All staff and students share this responsibility.