Recycling Programme

  • Paper & Cartons

At Central , Millennium and Europa Buildings the Facilities Department is collecting paper, portfolios and exam test from faculty and staff offices after notification. The facilities department also collects all indoor bins once a week.

  • PMD
    • Green Dot has supplied us with bins (Recycling bins, Sulo 1100 Lt, blue color) for PMD. They are located at:  Central Building-near Restaurant, Millennium Parking area, Millennium Cafeteria, Architecture Parking area, Medical Parking area.
  • Glass
    • Green Dot has supplied us with Recycling bin (round, green color bin) for glass.  It  is located at the Europa Building-Parking area.
  • Batteries
    • AFIS Company has supplied us with bins for collection of alternative portable batteries and accumulators. They are located at Central Building, Library Building, and Architecture Building.
  • Toner
    • A dark green Bin, Sulo 240 Lt, is located at Central Building, Level 1, nearby the Computer Center. This will change following the new recycling policy N.185
  • Electrical Appliances/Equipment
    • A company (Chrysanthos Antoniou & Sons Ltd) is collecting all electrical appliances and equipment after notification.
  • Collection of Medical Waste
    • This is done by the Advance Company