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The opening of the exhibition of paintings by the well-known visual artist and academic, Prof. Kostas Spiropoulos, will take place on 2 July 2023 at 20:00 at the Gloria Gallery in Nicosia: “The completeness of the empty space”. The exhibition is being organised in collaboration with the University of Nicosia and is being held on the occasion of Kostas Spiropoulos receiving an honorary doctorate from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University.

Kostas Spiropoulos, an internationally renowned artist, has represented Greece in international Biennials and Art Fairs and has received major awards. His work, recorded in the international art literature, has been cited by prominent historians and journalists, foreign and Greek.

The tireless effort, the constant struggle of the scientist-artist to decipher the world and the essence of life through his art, places the viewer in front of an original, colourful visual universe and inevitably leads him to a critical dialogue, both on big and important issues, as well as on small and everyday ones: Green energy and energy sufficiency, human happiness and freedom, peace and democracy, love, life and death, wealth, fame and happiness, myth and truth… In this journey, elements such as optimism, melancholy, humour, paradox, imagination and allegory –elements that characterise the human being– have a prominent (literally) place. In the words of K. Spiropoulos: “The construction betrays and marks the quality of the creator. I want my painting to serve the absolute truth, because the relativisation of truth leads to the non-existence of a common faith”.

We invite you to the exhibition of the works of Kostas Spiropoulos, believing that it will be an important artistic event for 2023, as well as a special artistic experience for the art-loving public of Cyprus.

Duration of Exhibition: 2–16 July 2023
Exhibition opening hours:
Monday: 16:00-20:00
Tuesday to Friday: 10:30-12:45 and 16:00-20:00
Saturday: 10:30-12:45
Sunday: Closed

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