Professor Irene Stamatoudi

Associate Head of Department
School of Law
Department of Law

Irini Stamatoudi is a lawyer at the Supreme Court in Athens (Greece) and a Law Professor at the University of Nicosia (Cyprus). She has also acted as the General Director of the Greek National Copyright Office, Ministry of Culture and Sports (March 2007 – October 2018). She holds degrees from the University of Athens in Greece (Ptyhio Nomikis) and from the University of Leicester (LL.M and Ph.D). She has taught on various academic courses in Greece and abroad (University of Leicester (UK), International Hellenic University (Thessaloniki), University of Athens (Greece), ALBA (Greece), European Public Law Organisation (Greece), WIPO – ILO – Univeristy of Turin (Italy), WIPO – University of Ankara (Turkey), etc.). She has authored the WIPO Academy specialisation course on copyright together with Paul Torremans.

She teaches on WIPO distance learning courses since their inauguration in 2001. She was appointed President in the EU Council IP (Copyright) Working Group during the Hellenic Presidency in the EU (first semester 2014). She has published thirteen books the most recent ones being “Collective Management of Copyright”, Nomiki Vivliothiki, 2020, Athens; “European Union Copyright Law”, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham (UK) – Northampton (US), 2014 (edited with Paul Torremans); “Copyright and the Digital Agenda for Europe: Current Regulations and Challenges for the Future”, Sakkoulas Publications, Athens – Thessaloniki, P.N. Sakkoulas, 2015; and “New Developments in EU and International Copyright Law”, Information Law Series (B. Hugenholtz (general editor)), Wolters Kluwer, 2016. She has also authored numerous articles in law journals in Greece, UK, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the US, Poland and Turkey. She is also a contributor for Greece to Geller and Bentley (eds) International Copyright Laws and Practice