Professor Klimis Mastoridis

Professor Klimis Mastoridis

Dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Member of the Senate

Klimis Mastoridis is Professor of Typography & Graphic Communication, Dean of the School of Humanities & Social Sciences (SHSS), the University of Nicosia, and Director of the “Institute for the Study of Typography & Visual Communication”.

The first Greek among the small group of PhD holders in the field of typography & graphic communication (University of Reading, UK, 1997; “Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation” scholarship) and a Fellow of the “International Society of Typographic Designers” (ISTD) and the “Institute of Paper, Printing and Publishing” (IP3), Klimis is also the initiator of the idea and the driving force behind the “International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication” (ICTVC), director and editor of the academic journal Hyphen, a typographic forum, and author of the books Θέματα αναπαραγωγής και εκτύπωσης (Reproduction and printing issues; 1988, 93, 97, new ed. 2010) and Casting the Greek Newspaper: a study of the morphology of the ‘ephemeris’ from its origins until the introduction of mechanical setting (1999).

His research interests include printing history and technology, and typographic design for visual communication. As Chairman of “AlterVision SA”, General Director of “Typophilia Publishing”, and Director of the “University of Macedonia Press” (established on EU funds in 1998), Klimis has in the past forty years supervised many print, editorial and information design projects, having acted as editor and publisher as well as designer and typographic consultant to government bodies and large private firms.

He has published numerous articles about the history and practice of printing, has been member of scientific and organising committees of international conferences, jury member for national and international design competitions, and has served as the Head of the University of Nicosia Department of Design & Multimedia for six years (April 2008–2014) and Associate Dean of the SHSS (December 2016–February 2020). In 2015 he received an honorary recognition from the “International Gutenberg Society” for his longstanding membership.

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