Digital Book | Corona Haikus visual poetry in times of isolation

The book was co-edited by UNIC’s Lecturer Maria Christoforou (Department of Design and Multimedia, School of Humanities and Social Sciences), Sandra Gaudenzi and Sandra Tabares Duque.

“Corona Haikus visual poetry in times of isolation” is a very special and interesting book, published by UNESCO Chair of the University of Nicosia and edited by Maria Christoforou, Sandra Gaudenzi and Sandra Tabares Duque.

The publication is based on the Corona Haikus project occurred when the COVID-19 pandemic was taking over the whole world. The project has grown to more than 1100 participants from 30 countries, artists, poets, scholars and writers, from around the world. The proposition was simple. Participants were invited to share their Corona life through the poetic form of a visual haiku: 3 photos + a short text. The main idea of a visual haiku is to create a visually poetic composition by capturing the essence of familiar objects and surroundings while mindfully feeling them.

The project was an invitation to be mindful, to find ways to communicate our emotions and discoveries of confinement… and to be creative with it. It was also a collaborative project for the participants to feel united while sharing how our world was changing.