Scholarships – Financial Aid

The University offers scholarships and financial aid to full-time students, in the form of academic merit scholarships, financial-aid assistance, athletic scholarships, and on-campus work-study programmes. All types of scholarships/financial aid available are explained below:

Academic Merit Scholarships

1.  Based on Previous Academic Performance

Students, in their first year at the University, are eligible for a scholarship on the basis of the grades of their High School Leaving Certificate, based on the country in which this qualification was issued. Scholarships are given as a percentage reduction on tuition and are valid for one academic year.

In order to be eligible for this type of scholarship, students must:

  • submit their High School Leaving Certificate upon application, and
  • be registered on a full-time basis (30 ECTS per semester)

More information about this type of scholarship is available at the Admissions Department.

2.  Based on Academic Performance at the University

Two regular semesters after the student first registers and every semester thereafter, scholarships will be awarded according to the student’s academic performance at the University, as follows:

Cumulative GPA Scholarship
4.00 50%
3.75 – 3.99 20%
3.50 – 3.74 10%

In order to be eligible for this type of scholarship, students must have:

  • full-time status (30 ECTS per semester)
  • completed a minimum of 30 credits/60 ECTS at the University, and
  • been registered in the previous semester

Athletic Scholarships

Students who are actively involved in the University sports teams may be eligible to receive athletic scholarships of up to 40% of their tuition. High level athletes may also be eligible for a scholarship based on their achievements (each case is examined individually).
Students can contact the Sports Office of the University of Nicosia for more information about athletic scholarships.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to native students only and is given in the form of a scholarship, regardless of academic performance, as follows:

  • Students from disadvantaged socioeconomic background. Students interested in this type of financial aid must complete the “Application for Scholarship/Financial Aid” form. New students need to submit this application to the Admissions Department while returning students (after their first year of studies) need to submit the application to the Financial Aid Office (email: [email protected]). Points are awarded to the applicant based on various socioeconomic criteria. The scholarship amount will depend on the total points awarded.
  • Students who come from large families (4 children or more) are eligible for a 15% scholarship for the entire duration of the programme.

For EU/International students scholarships are offered depending on the economic condition of each country.

UNIC Academic Family Scholarships

University of Nicosia and Intercollege graduates wishing to apply for a second degree at UNIC are eligible for a 10% scholarship for the entire duration of the programme.

Families with two or more siblings studying at the University during the same semester are eligible for a 10% scholarship for each child.

On-Campus Work-Study Programme

A limited number of part-time, on-campus internships are available to students who have demonstrated exceptional potential in extra-curricular activities and academic performance.  Students are compensated in the form of tuition reduction. Available internships are announced at the beginning of every semester and details are uploaded on the UNIC Portal.

Early Payment Discount

All EU students (i.e. those that do not require a student visa) who pre-pay the full amount of their semester tuition and fees by the last day of the Add/Drop period (i.e. 2 weeks after classes commence for normal semesters and 1 week for Summer session), are entitled to an early payment discount of 4%. The discount is calculated on the net tuition (i.e. after the deduction of any scholarship if applicable).

Terms and conditions

  • The applicants for a Scholarship/Financial Aid must have submitted an Application for Admission to a programme, with full-time status, and must comply with the acceptance criteria of that programme.
  • The Financial Aid application must be accompanied by all required supporting documentation (e.g. annual income, number of dependents in family, etc.)
  • Unless stated otherwise, scholarships are valid for one academic year and are calculated on the programme tuition.
  • The extent, amount and duration of the scholarship after the first year of studies, is decided by the University after the relevant application has been submitted. The application should be submitted before the commencement of the next academic year.
  • Students eligible for more than one type of Scholarship/Financial Aid will be awarded the scholarship constituting the highest amount.
  • Scholarships are not awarded in the case of  Distance Learning Programmes,  Postgraduate Programmes (with the exception of “UNIC Academic Family” Scholarships) and Medical School Programmes.

Government Grant and Financial Support Measures

Each Academic Year, the government of Cyprus accepts applications to provide funding to students. Eligible students are all Cypriot citizens or EU citizens who are permanent residents of the Republic of Cyprus. The following funding opportunities are available:

  • Government Grant

    • An amount ranging from €2,175 to €2,565 to students who complete one year of full-time study.
    • An amount ranging from €2,900 to €3,420 to students who complete one year of full-time study and a family of three or more children.

The above grant applies to on-campus Bachelor and Master programme students whose family’s annual gross combined income does not exceed €59,000 and has up to 2 dependent children. In the case of families with more than 2 dependent children, the aforementioned income cap for eligibility is increased by €5,000 per additional child.

The exact amount will be determined by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC), based on the student’s family income and assets.

  • Financial Support Measures (MOEC)

The government of Cyprus through the Ministry of Education and Culture has established a Package of Measures targeted at student welfare. The scheme applies to on-campus Bachelor programme students and aims to sponsor part of the student’s accommodation expenses (rent allowance), food expenses, as well as the purchase of an airplane ticket. Moreover, there is a subsidy for first-year students only. The table below gives details of all grants:

Type of Allowance Maximum Amount
Accommodation €1,800  (€150 X 12 months)
Food €1,092 (€7 x 156 days/year)
Airplane ticket €200
First year students only €500

The exact allowance will be determined based on the student’s family income and other socio-economic criteria.

More details about the above government funding opportunities, including full eligibility criteria and the evaluation process, can be found at the following link: Ministry of Finance