Ms Andri Vrioni

Head of the Office of the Rector
Head of the Pedagogical Support Unit (PSU)
Department of Education , School of Education

Dr Andri Vrioni has extended experience in developing interactive learning environments assisted with technology. She is the Head of the Office of the Rector and Head of the Pedagogical Support Unit (PSU) at the University of Nicosia. As the Head of the newly established PSU she coordinates the pedagogical strategy of the university, which emphasizes in the horizontal cultivation of 21st-century student skills (ICTs skills is one of them) in all university courses. The adoption of innovations in learning can further enhance the quality of the learning procedure. She develops quality models and indicators for teaching and learning. She is also responsible to identify the academic staff training needs and to develop workshops and seminars for introducing innovative teaching and learning methodologies. Key aspects of the training seminars/ workshops include: Knowledge or Competencies: Developing 21st Century Students Skills, Developing Effective Learning Environments, Encouraging Metacognition, Cognition and Learning: Building Upon Students Prior Knowledge and Skills, Effectiveness in Learning, Diversity and Inclusion, From knowledge to competencies, Towards Technology- Enhanced Learning, Introducing ICT tools in learning,   Targeting on the 21st century knowledge and competencies, Creating and Using Rubrics, Design Quality Multiple Choice etc. Her research interests focus on the development of interactive learning environments of formal and informal education, the evaluation of learning and STEM Teachers Training. She developed the learning environment, the interactive exhibits, the Train the Trainer programmes and the educational activities run at SCI-FUN Science Centre, ASTEROSXOLEIO and the newly established Plato’s Science Centre. She has coordinated the STEM curriculum development at STEMFREAK and C.R.I.C. She was the Director of the 1st Cyprus Science Festival, 2016. Her research work has been presented in local, national and international conferences and published in conference proceedings.

Before joining the University of Nicosia, she has worked as a teacher (1996-2007) and was involved in several projects relevant to the development of multimodal and simulated learning environments of formal and informal education. From (2007-2015) she coordinated the Evaluation Committee of Private Universities (ECPU). In her capacity as the ECPU coordinator, she produced several reports and monitor agency’s external evaluation procedures. From 2015-2016 she supported new agency’s (DI.PA.E) procedures for developing qualitative and quantitative evaluation criteria and self-study templates.