What is Mentor?

“Mentor” is a very carefully structured programme.  It is based on an innovative coaching model which belongs to a larger family of comparable programmes found abroad.

The programme has a pyramid-like structure, with a head office located at the University of Nicosia, which then branches into various neighbourhoods around Cyprus, making use of already established Municipal and community organisations.

The Manager of the programme is in charge of a team of coordinators who in turn supervise the mentors. Its faculty receives continual professional guidance at the University of Nicosia. The programme includes students from all fields of study but is particularly popular with those involved in Psychology, Social Work or Educational Studies.

Through this programme the following are achieved:

  • Underprivileged children can improve their academic performance.
  • They will have positive role models.
  • Facilitated learning can help children integrate into higher academic institutions in the future.
  • Social responsibility is promoted and the new generation is enriched.
  • Volunteering and social responsibility is promoted in University students.
  • University students gain experiences related to the social problems of the country.

The programme does not aim at solving every problem that participating children are experiencing.  Rather, it promotes personal development, social integration and academic success. Children often lag behind in these three areas for reasons usually associated with their social environment, and thus fail to exploit their full potential. This too affects their performance at school or elsewhere. In these cases, the support and encouragement provided through the “Mentor” programme can help these children to improve their possibilities for advancement in life.