The aim of the School Research Committee (SRC), one for each School, is to enhance the research profile and reputation of the School both within and outside the University.

Its role is to encourage, facilitate and support research in the School and, where possible, to extend this to cross-departmental, cross-school and interdisciplinary synergy and collaboration. This Committee is where the majority of research management takes place, thus giving more responsibility at school level. The SRC meets on a regular basis and will concern itself with the quality and quantity of research activity and output.

Membership of Each School Research Committee

Membership will consist of at least five persons and should include the:

  • Dean of the School
  • Heads of the Departments and
  • The Directors/Leaders of the School’s Research Institute/Centres and/or senior faculty active in research may be invited by the Dean as non-voting members.

Scope of Each School Research Committee

To achieve its aims each SRC will:

  • advise the School Dean on strategic issues with implications for research and disseminate timely information concerning the School’s Research Strategy throughout the School;
  • review School Faculty research and draft the Research Strategy for the School including the allocation of monetary and non-monetary research resources;
  • identify and develop School Research Themes (areas of possible research collaboration within the School) and research collaborations within the University (other Schools, Research Institutes/Centres);
  • co-ordinate and rank applications for competitive funds (research grants, start up of research projects and for small cost research equipment1);
  • allocate and monitor research funds allocated to the School and report to the URC on their use;
  • encourage research meetings and interdisciplinary research to further the research interests of the Faculty;
  • set up research activities, in association with the Research & Innovation Office, where Faculty present their research and discuss future plans; and
  • collect data on research conducted in the School (recent research publications, grants, patents, etc.) and prepare an annual report to the URC.

1 In the events of internal funding the allocation of this money will initially be determined by the URC on the basis of the priorities put forth by the SRCs and then disbursed through the SRCs according to those priorities.