When I look back, I regard my choice to spend my student years in Cyprus and at UNIC, in particular, as an important landmark in both my personal and professional development. The international environment and the opportunity to combine first-class studies and training with practical knowledge was a great approach and an extraordinary experience, which fully prepared me both for the hurdles one faces as an adult and the challenges in the globalised business world we now live in.

The terrific professors, the modern classrooms and facilities, the international student body, the various events that tap into different cultures, and the excellent cafeteria, which was an amazing ‘social space’… were all an integral part of my time at UNIC. This was not only an unforgettable memory, but a guiding light to the path I was to follow.

Thanks to the ongoing support from UNIC, I had the unique opportunity to start my professional experience in my third year of studies. Since then, I have been working in the business world, undertaking various positions and travelling around the globe to work on various business and consultancy projects. Starting out as a statutory auditor and consultant for international entities, my path finally led me to Brussels.

Presently, I manage large multinational organisations as a Manager at the Deloitte Global Tax Centre (Europe), helping them to meet all their financial reporting and tax compliance obligations in EMEA, as well as being their first point of contact and preferred advisor in times of global restructurings, the adoption of international financial reporting standards, and cross border mergers and acquisitions. I also have the opportunity to work closely with, and follow the work of, the various EU Institutions. Last but not least, I travel across different continents and work with international and global teams on a daily basis.

It is because of UNIC that I was prepared for all the challenges that appear post studies. Leaving university for the work arena is not easy. If you have gained the right knowledge, if you possess the proper tools and attitude, if you are armed with the relevant experience and confidence, and if you make the right choices with the proper support, you have nothing to fear. I went through that and succeeded. You can do it, too. You just have to make the right choice — the UNIC choice!

Milena Domanova,
Manager, Global Compliance Europe, Deloitte Global Tax Centre (Europe)
Business Administration, Class of 2008
MBA – Concentration in Finance, Class of 2012