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The conference of the International Society of Psychoanalysis and Philosophy, ‘Limits, Frontiers, Rims and Borders’, organized in collaboration with the Social Sciences Department of the University of Nicosia and the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies of the University of Cyprus, will take place at the University of Nicosia on 21-23 of September 2023.

After a global pandemic and a series of extensive lockdowns to control the spread of the virus COVID-19, the question of boundaries, limits, frontiers and borders is more urgent than ever. The apocryphal story of psychoanalysis as a plague, supposedly uttered by Freud to Jung upon arriving in America, would now seem to be in poor taste. And yet, the theme of contagion moves beyond the pandemic highlighting other modes of spreading out across borders and frontiers, realigning the globe: from the viral videos of police violence that reignited public reckoning with the long history of racism in the United States, to populist contagion in many regions across the globe aiding the coming to power of new forms of authoritarianism, to finally, the wildfire transmission of paranoiac conspiracy theories and the compulsive doubting of the truth that affects the spread of information.

This conference aims to re-explore limits and borders between and within interiority and exteriority, as well as between and within disciplines. At the same time, it aims to ‘go beyond’ the dichotomy of inside and outside, interrogate the existing topological models, and dwell in aporetic or erratic zones whose limitations and demarcations are paradoxical at best and where rims and edges have to be analyzed on their proper terms.

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