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Presentation: Exam Related Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are not abnormal reactions. Exam anxiety is not the normal nervousness we experience in testing situations. It can lead to difficulty recalling material previously learned and thus increase errors during an exam. Experiencing anxiety for long periods of time may lead to burnout. Burnout is maintained through stressful environments, unhelpful ways of coping, and the inability to recharge. A more balanced and healthy way of living, together with more helpful thinking and coping mechanisms, can help escape or prevent getting stuck in the vicious cycle of anxiety.

Presentation by:

  • Avraam Kristia, Trainee Counselling Psychologist, KESY
  • Eleftheriou Irene, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, KESY
  • Georgiou Natasa, Trainee Counselling Psychologist, KESY
  • Pericleous Julia, Trainee Counselling Psychologist, KESY

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