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The University of Nicosia Medical School and the Cyprus Surgical Society invite you to the scientific lecture titled “Pancreatic Cancer – is it still a surgical disease?” with Dr Jefferson Augusto Bastidas.

Pancreatic cancer is seldom detected at its early stages when it is most curable. This is because it often doesn’t cause symptoms until after it has spread to other organs. Signs of pancreatic cancer could include jaundice and weight loss, especially when co-existing with diabetes, while treatment depends on the size and location of the tumour, as well as whether or not it has spread to other areas of the body. Dr Bastidas will talk about the epidemiology of the disease, the clinical presentation and natural history of pancreatic adenocarcinoma and the multimodality approaches to treatment. He will also discuss the role of ‘curative’ surgery for patients, the approaches to palliative care and will conclude with strategies that could give hope in the future.


Introduction by Dr Danagra Ikossi | Clinical Associate Professor of General Surgery, Director of the graduate-entry MD programme, UNIC Medical School

“Pancreatic Cancer – is it still a surgical disease?” by Dr Jefferson Augusto Bastidas | General & Laparoscopic Surgeon, Surgical Oncologist, National Surgical Associates, San Jose, California

About the Speaker

Dr Jefferson Augusto Bastidas, MD is a general surgeon, surgical oncologist, laparoscopic surgeon and medical educator, primarily located in Los Gatos, California, with other offices in Palo Alto and San Jose, California. He received his medical degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in Ohio and has more than 35 years of experience. His private practice in Los Gatos, California started in 2009, with national, regional and local leadership positions including local hospitals, American College of Surgeons and American Cancer Society. Since moving to the Bay Area in 1993, he has been working to advance multi-disciplinary care for cancer patients and provide cutting edge surgical care. He actively participates in the Tumour Boards at each of San Jose’s Hospitals, while maintaining leadership roles at several hospitals. He is the current Chair of the Surgical Executive Committee and Chief of Surgery at O’Connor Hospital, San Jose, California. At National Surgical Associates, and by participating in clinical research trials and by delivering thoughtful, personalised and innovative care, he aims to contribute to bringing an academic level of surgical care to the private practice setting, while working hard to optimise standard and research treatment options for patients.

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